But coffee, 1st…

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dievca is guilty of this… on the personal level.
The worse something gets, the quieter she gets…
or she hides behind babble about inconsequential things.
People don’t want to deal with angst, just Joy.

Then she explodes.
When that happens, it’s not pretty.

It comes from taking care of everyone else and putting her needs last.
If an opportunity for dievca to air out her issues arrives,
she panics and becomes tongue-tied.
The focus is rarely on her, so she doesn’t know what to do.

Because of that everyone assumes that strong dievca is fine…
she is just fine.

If someone would just take a moment to notice that dievca has asked for a meeting,
a conversation, or time…and they would be patient, a little pushy for more information and pay attention – they would notice that she’s hit her limit.

Instead, she walks away, simmers and explodes.

And it’s ugly.
Just ugly.


thaker-and-flaca-loveknot-groupInspired by the beauty of love and promises kept.
Part of Thacker NYC’s exclusive collaboration with
Amy Shepsman of Flaca Jewelry.
Made with love in NYC

on sale at Thacker

Maybe 13 isn’t unlucky… a Presentation Outfit

Friday the 13th….in the United States alone, it is estimated that between 17 and 21 million people dread that date to the extent that it can officially be classified as a phobia.

Friday and the number 13 separately have been considered unlucky and around the 19th century were the first documented instances where the two were put together to create the “most unlucky” day.

But dievca plans to see the day in a different light.

The Ancient Egyptians believed life was a spiritual journey that unfolded in stages. They believed that 12 of those stages occurred in this life.  The last stage, the 13th, was a joyous transformative ascension to an eternal afterlife. So the number 13 represented death to the Egyptians, but not death as in decay and fear, but as acknowledgement of a glorious eternal life.

dievca will be glorious in presenting for Master, today, after a long hiatus!  she’s planning on an Egyptian theme:


As an Egyptian Goddess, dievca plans to kneel before Master and offer her services to help him find the Joyous Afterlife. 

While researching presentation outfits, dievca did find something for the future…


Maybe a little decay did happen during Egyptian Stage 13…

(More Friday the 13th information for fun)



Madewell x Pintrill® Avocado Friendship Pin Set

Aztec Symbolism

  • Long before avocado was widespread, the fruit was named “ahacatl” by the Aztecs. This name translates to testicles and often refers to the hanging shape featured on the avocado tree. The fruit grows in pairs, which helps explain the “ahacatl” name even more. The name is still used today in some cultures.


  • The pairs of avocados not only translate to “ahacatl,” but can be a symbol for love. A pair of avocados represents each person in a couple, living and growing together on a tree. The avocado tree lives for hundreds of years, keeping their love alive as long as the tree is growing. In Colombia, a man often picked two avocados and gave one to his wife as an outward display of love for his partner.


  • Originally coming from Mexico and Central America, the Avocado tree is also called “alligator pear” because of its green, occasionally rough fruits. Avocado trees grow rapidly, reaching up to 35 m (115 ft) in height and 50 cm (20 inch) in trunk diameter. The Avocado bears fruit after only 4 years from when it has been planted. The age of a fully grown tree can be hundreds of years.

dievca grew up eating avocados in salads, but when she left home – she stopped eating them.  Master turned her on to avocados, again. And now she has them in omelets, on toast, in salads, mixed with mustard and alfalfa sprouts-as a sandwich spread, etc.

In honor of Master’s Love and dievca’s joy of sharing in it – dievca asked Master to split the Madewell x Pintrill® Avocado Friendship Pin Set with her. The pins were attached to their work bags.  Silly, dievca knows – but it makes her smile when she sees her pin.  And it never hurts to have a reason to smile.

(Hmmm, the other item Master eats a lot of is bananas. Wonder what the symbolism is there…)

Sapphire and Marine by Else Lingerie


else_lingerie_petunia_racerback_fitted_slip_navy_blue_ec-319c else_lingerie_petunia_racerback_fitted_slip_in_navy_blue_closeup_front_view else-signature-saphire-silk-balcony-bra else-silk-applique-robe-306

Confident * Alluring * Modern Boudoir

ELSE is today’s manifestation of a lasting family tradition of crafting lingerie accessories – a contemporary take on a rare vision of quality imagined decades ago. Ela Onur, the founder, was raised amongst the artisans and designers of her family’s lingerie accessory business, so it was only natural for her to channel her refined vision and technical expertise into her own line – ELSE.

Helena and the Hungarian

Storm Helena 2017, dumped 5.1 inches at Central Park in New York City. Not too much, but more than expected.  On a Saturday, snow doesn’t cause too much trouble in NYC and in this case, most of it was gone by Sunday.

But dievca had ridden her bike into work on that Saturday and needed it for Monday morning, so she rode it home behind a:


she was planning to walk the bike home, but when she saw the scooter, she hopped behind it. Staying inside their wheel tracks on the Hudson Pathway until she crossed into midtown on the relatively clear streets. No sliding occurred.

dievca wanted to get her bike home but she was also in a hurry because she left work late and was supposed to meet her friends on the Upper West Side.  A clothing change was required from the morning and the snow was kicking in a bit harder.

dievca was meeting friends at the Hungarian Pastry Shop, Amsterdam and 111th
Address: 1030 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025 ‎
Telephone: (212) 866-4230

At the cafe, she had excellent hot apple cider, shared some cherry strudel, apple strudel and a cream puff. The strudel was not quite as good as her Grandmother’s, but Grandma died when dievca was in 7th Grade, so this was a treat. The creampuff’s pastry part was excellent, but the cream filling didn’t beat the one’s you can buy at the Wisconsin State Fair. Overall, very good treats – dievca recommends it, and of course the company of friends sharing hot apple cider and conversation on a snowy day can’t be beat. XO