Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive.

Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive.

A cuff to remind me that I am Master’s dievca. The weight, the feel, the look is a quiet nod to my submission. Can you see the cuff with a white t-shirt and jeans? A little black dress? Adding edge to something flowy and romantic?

8 Comments on “Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive.”

  1. This is so pretty. Sir and I are looking for something along these lines soon.


    • dievca says:

      Hi, Thank you for your comment! Eddie Borgo isn’t selling this cuff on his site anymore, so I am keeping an eye on eBay for it. There is one listed in silver with a latch closure. His designs are always fun. Regards.


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  4. esther says:

    love this cuff…wish i was more metal-smithy. xx


    • dievca says:

      It is lovely. I ended up getting a silver one on eBay — it has a curved latch hook, but I love it. I would imagine the metal working would be really tough and involve a lot of tools and fire….


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  6. […] first post: “Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive” was offering a cuff as an elegant solution for a submissive to wear in the pre- 50 Shades of […]


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