Dreaming of Master’s Collar

If I close my eyes in the silence of the morning, I can feel myself kneeling before my Master.  He is stroking my hair and pulls me in for a hug. I release a deep sigh and my shoulders drop.  I tilt my head up and am rewarded with a gentle kiss.  The tingle in my toes starts and my anticipation builds as my Master reaches to the tabletop to grab my collar.  I am Master’s once more.
a little lost without her Master dievča
Simple collar
dievca’s Sterling Silver Collar with Sterling Silver Lock — made by MockingbirdLaneWire on Etsy

2 Comments on “Dreaming of Master’s Collar”

  1. […] has Master’s sterling silver locking collar and she has day collars in silver and rose gold from Giles and […]


  2. […] dievca wears Master’s precious sterling silver locking collar when she is on show in D/s friendly situations and at home when not playing.  It is a simple and gorgeous piece that Master had commissioned for His dievca. Depending upon the lock/closure used, dievca can get away with wearing the collar in public, but the collar is not made for heavy play or rough circumstances. (Dreaming of Master’s Collar) […]


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