The pair that got away….Charlotte Olympia

The one that got away....

dievca lusts over shoes.

A very trite activity in a World gone mad, but there it is~

dievca has a selection of black, sexy, F*ck Me shoes available for Master. But, Master desires diversity and dievca desires to serve to Master.

These Charlotte Olympia “Leaf Me Alone” heels strike a chord deep inside of dievca on many levels:

  • The heel height would extend leg length and highlight the calves.  The more visually pleasing for when Master bends me over.
  • The platform allows for stability while standing at attention, when hands are cuffed overhead, when being lead by Master’s leash. dievca can walk elegantly!
  • The colors add an element of sassiness and fun to black lingerie or a black dress.  The dark green matches dievca’s eyes.
  • The leaf design brings a freshness to the room. The lightness of Nature juxtaposing with the darkness of Master’s desires. 

The style has been sold out and dievca spotted a pair on eBay in her size.  dievca dithered about the price and the shoes walked away no pun intended.  Now dievca is dreaming about the pair that got away~ and lurking on eBay to spot another.

Does anyone else have a shoe fetish? Do you have a photo of the pair of shoes that got away? Please share!

dievca is always on the lookout.

4 Comments on “The pair that got away….Charlotte Olympia”

  1. bebedragon says:

    Shoe fetish? As an Argentine tango dancer (with an unusual foot size) I can’t even call it a fetish, or need, or insanity. I love shoes and am so passionate about shoes that are gorgeous, fit well and can be worn for dance and play that I am learning to make them. I feel naked without my heels, I feel as if a limb is missing if I am naked without my heels. These are lovely and I hope you find another pair… Or fall for another pair with the green for your eyes and all the other very sensible reasons you have for desiring this pair. My pair that got away… The unfinished Art Deco silver, red and black tango stilettos and am making for myself. They are unfinished and the pattern for the right foot was wrong so I have one perfect left shoe and a right that even dear Cinderella would be embarrassed by but I am a tenacious lady and will persevere.


    • dievca says:

      Ohhh- those shoes that you are making sound Divine! I really hope that you are able to get the right foot pattern going and have enough material to finish. I can completely envision the line you create with your leg extension and heels while dancing. The better to intrigue your Master?

      Perhaps someday you can make a pair of shoes for dievca. Smile


      • bebedragon says:

        Yes, the leg extension. Mmm a lady who knows, all the better to intrigue Master and better represent him to all we meet even those who don’t ‘know’ in our tango world. They see and are drawn to something we have that is different. sigh, that I had more time to devote to this dream… The submissive tango shoe maker, smile.


  2. […] but dievca bought the pair that got away! […]


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