An elegant solution for Master’s demands: Fleur of England’s Tiger Suspender Cami

Fluer of Enland tiger-suspender-cami-and-thong-back

Let me state the problem:  

dievca’s Master loves stockings and Master insists upon easy access to dievca’s bottom attributes.

Yes, panties and hold-ups are a solution and perhaps an “ouvert” panty would work. Well, the standard panties will come off at some point and perhaps catch on the stockings rolling them down (it happens quite a bit). Or the “ouvert” isn’t quite well placed for dievca’s ASSets.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

dievca’s solution is chemises and camisoles with suspenders attached.  They offer a flattering silhouette for ALL body types and allow for stockings and easy access.

Now, remember that Rule #1 is “dievca’s Master likes diversity”. She is not throwing away the other options, but this type of outfit eliminates some of the small irritating issues.

dievca is attempting to be fashionable and practical. Not an easy task.

Fleur of England’s Tiger Suspender Cami is an elegant solution to the problem.

5 Comments on “An elegant solution for Master’s demands: Fleur of England’s Tiger Suspender Cami”

  1. bebedragon says:

    Dievca is a clever and classy lady x


    • dievca says:

      Thank you, you are very sweet. I think of myself as a work in progress~


      • bebedragon says:

        Divina! A divine work in progress… We are all works in progress the moment we stop progressing we die. Celebrate your progress my dear, I am imagining you welcoming your Master home in the outfit and accessories you have described elsewhere thinking, well done lady, well done x


  2. It is difficult to get educated men and women within this subject, however , people look like there’s more you are handling! Thanks


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