A submissive prepares for her Master’s Homecoming

Hartman & Rose Gold Collar hartman-rose-121-italian-leather-metallic-gold-dog-leadMaster has been gone for two weeks and dievca has waited patiently for his return.  Master hinted that dievca would be naked and heavily restrained this evening so that Master could take his pleasure in many ways.

This made choosing a presentation outfit simple:
Clothing: Black Silk Nightgown (Neiman Marcus) elegant, sensuous to strip off
Collar/ Lead: Gold Leather (Hartman and Rose – photos) restraints can be connected or it can be easily taken off for another collar
Shoes: Black Leather Gold Zipper Sandals (Burberry)  fantastic and easy to remove
Jewelry:  Stud earrings, Gold/Crystal Anal Plug no jewelry to impede the restraints and the plug is a pleasant surprise for Master 
Beauty:  Full Body Wax, Red Nails and Lipstick, Smoky Eyes, Upswept Hair a sleek body with dievca’s hair out-of-the-way for Cock Worship

The Beginning of serving Master —
dievca is coolly elegant.

The Ending of serving Master —
dievca is a hot mess, well used. Oh, My!

5 Comments on “A submissive prepares for her Master’s Homecoming”

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  2. dievca says:

    I loved the cartoon picture of the 3 Hipsters on friendlyhipster.wordpress.com. So accurate — we ate in Greenpoint Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago and saw the models for your drawings…..


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  4. LUV….LUV…..LUV…..



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