Do you have a sense of humor? If not, you better have a “Dresser”. CORSETS 101

“Dresser” : A wardrobe assistant, as for an actor or a submissive.

dievca has mentioned that she has an Ass.  Yes, that is spelled a capital “A”.  With that Ass comes Breasts and a Waist — a classic hourglass figure.  A figure that is well suited to wearing steel-boned corsets.

Master told his dievca to wear a corset. Excited, dievca went over the top and purchased a selection of corsets not knowing about a lurking issue….Let’s read the directions, shall we?

How to Put on a Corset.

The following are directions that came with one of the corsets (dievca’s comments in ALLCAPS):

Please Release Me! 

Before trying on your new corset, always untie the back laces.  OKAY~

1. Loosen the laces to your natural waist or larger. Do not allow the laces to come out of the eyelets/grommets but loosen it significantly. It needs to fit around you easily.  TIE THOSE LACES TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY DO PULL OUT.
2. Unzip or unfasten the corset closure.Some corsets have a side zipper. Some have a front metal busk. Some have a hook and eye closure. ZIPPERS ARE GOOD.
3. Put the corset on. If you can’t close it, take it off and loosen the back laces some more. OPEN IT MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK…
4. Now that the corset is on, you can tighten the back laces. red corset-. REAALLLYYYY?!?! CONTORTIONIST POSITIONS. TWO PEOPLE SHOULD DO THIS…
5. Reach behind you and grab the lacing ends. Start to tighten the corset. Tighten til it’s comfortable. UHHHH, IMPORTANT!!!! THE ENDS ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BACK NOT AT THE TOP OR BOTTOM.
6. Tie the laces. You may need someone’s assistance on this step.  BETTER MAKE IT SEXY PLAY WITH MASTER UNLESS ANOTHER IS INVOLVED. IT TAKES TWO!
7. Do NOT over tighten a fashion corset. A fashion corset is not designed to provide significant waist reduction as a steel boned corset is, and over tightening may damage it. GOOD TO KNOW~

If you are wearing a true corset (steel boned) and it is the proper size, you will need help putting it on. dievca is not Dita von Teese, she doesn’t have a formal “Dresser”. Her Master had to step into that role.

You know… dievca is complaining….but, actually the Corsets have turned out to generate a great deal of laughter and fun as foreplay.  And when dievca is finally “tied up” properly — she has to admit she looks and feels stunning. A miracle has occurred!

And Master?  Master is always appreciative.

3 Comments on “Do you have a sense of humor? If not, you better have a “Dresser”. CORSETS 101”

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