Good to Know: Collar, Choker, Princess length


Pearls of Wisdom.

dievca would imagine that the lengths listed on the graphic are a suggestion because she knows that her neck circumference is greater than that offered Collar measurement. The 12-13 inch Collar length would choke her and dievca is not in to Erotic asphyxiation~

But the illustration does give a nice definition of where a necklace sits on a submissive’s neck.

When Collars go out of fashion, a longer necklace will be more acceptable for the Vanilla crowd.
Perhaps, your Daytime Collar will be a necklace with a special meaning to you and your Sir.

dievca’s Master took away her favorite leather DoDo Pomellato necklace and changed the leather to a silver link princess length chain. He then added a charm of his choosing to remind dievca of who she submits to and put the changed necklace back on her neck.

dievca always thinks of Master when she is wearing the necklace and no one knows that it is a day collar.

Something to consider~

DoDo Pomellato

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