You chose to go slow~

Master, you chose to go slow for me.
You did not take shortcuts.

You sensed that my strong personality and intelligence would be a challenge.  You understood that my knowledge of body structure, physical ability and competitive success would bring frustration. You allowed me to lose my way and then offered gentle guidance to return back to the path we set.

All-seeing Master, you knew that the time and focus invested would pay back a hundredfold.
I would submit without reservation. I would trust you fully.

You were patient.

Master, I look into your eyes and I see the World.

Thank you for taking your time.
Thank you for your patience.

david_jagger _lady_upclose

2 Comments on “You chose to go slow~”

  1. Errantsatiety says:



  2. dievca says:

    Thank you. It’s easier to say things when I imagine that I am sitting at Master’s knee, looking him in the eye and telling him how I feel. That goes for the good and the bad….


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