Fashionably late to the MAISON BENTLEY STYLE BLOG party, but you know us Eastern Europeans — we run on our own time!

I am a little late to the MASON BENTLEY party, but you know us Eastern Europeans -- we run on our own time!

It took dievca a while to wake up from Saturday Night, but she is here with her tousled hair, smoky eyes, red lips and her AGENT PROVOCATEUR Bullet Playsuit.

ASOS Collar

Master told dievca to stick to black and keep it simple at the Blog Party.

Master chose the black ASOS Collar for dievca to wear.

Alaia Embellished Heel

dievca’s shoes are from ALAIA and fabulous to walk in.

A little support and height goes a long way with bending over and playing.


dievca needed a gentle start for the Party so she is having  a Mimosa and then moving to simple, beautiful Champagne.

Not too much to drink as to embarrass Master.

She needs to present for him. later.

Fleet Ilya Cuffs and Collar

After enjoying everyone’s lovely company she hopes to be tied up with Master

in her FLEET ILYA Cuffs and Collar.




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11 Comments on “Fashionably late to the MAISON BENTLEY STYLE BLOG party, but you know us Eastern Europeans — we run on our own time!”

  1. jackiemallon says:

    Oh, all that thought I put into it and I think I might have overdressed for the party…Nice undies! But don’t stand too close to me at the bar. I’ll be overlooked…


  2. KittNoir says:

    Hello! Here for the party. I’ve brought some champagne and purple roses x


  3. Darling Diva says:

    Those shoes are seriously stylish! Really enjoyed the party! x


  4. Simply gorgeous! I’m even later than you but hope dievca and Master will forgive me!…


  5. Those are some nice “kicks”. Stylish and right on trend. Also, Cool Collar, looks like fun. XOX from way, way on the other side of the pond/ocean..or two…maybe three. I remember the time I went to Chelsea, it took me 27 hours to get there, but was worth it. And I kinda’ enjoy flying, gives me time to chill, watch movies and de-plug a bit. See you at the shoe store. 🙂


  6. Errantsatiety says:

    That play suit is just divine!


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