The Gold Standard for a submissive or a slave: A Collier by Betony Vernon

BetonyVernon Gold Collar

Absolute Lust. Please be patient, dievca needs to wipe the drool from her mouth.
No, not from a Ball Gag.


If dievca was a 24/7 Slave, she would pray that she had the fortitude to earn a permanent collar. If dievca did earn a collar, she would hope that her Master was very generous and ask for suggestions.

dievca’s choice for Master’s Permanent Collar would be Betony Vernon’s Sado-Chic 18K Gold Collier.

First, dievca would be beyond the moon and honored to show that she is owned by Master.

And then to be able to wear this piece of rich elegance, dievca would be on her way to Neptune.
And beyond.

Ahh, Fantasies. Lovely things~

3 Comments on “The Gold Standard for a submissive or a slave: A Collier by Betony Vernon”

  1. Robin Clark says:

    Where can I buy this Morning Moon Collar?


    • dievca says:

      It looks like you would need to “” to discuss her items for sale. The offerings at Dover Street Market NYC has only rings.
      Her original e-shop on the website looks to be closed.


  2. […] this Betony Vernon 18K collar, would be used daily until dievca dies — but the cost is beyond dievca’s […]


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