Hippy Chic!

Wolford Stay HipWolford Stay Hip Tights

 A stunning solution to dievca’s presentation wardrobe challenges.  These Wolford stockings are brilliant in their simplicity with two separate pieces going to the waist like standard stockings. The pieces crisscross in a flattering way and leave the gusset area open. Plus the stockings feel fantastic against dievca’s skin and the shape is revolutionary.  An unexpected look!

***A fun side note:  You can put them on incorrectly. Wearable but no Peek-A-boo~ If you are like dievca, you will start laughing hard as you try to correct the problem and your Master will wonder what is going on.***

BTW, Master loves them.

17 Comments on “Hippy Chic!”

  1. It’s hard not to be tempted with these tights in a tight corner : )


  2. ….what’s your today’s outfit? : )


  3. Why not? : ) It doesn’t matter whether it’s minor or major. You’ve made my day with this delicate piece of garment shown and a fun side note appended. I was contented. : ) (sorry for the delay with the answer)


  4. Those are just perfect! I hope I can locate some very soon!


  5. […] Hippy Chic! (dievca.wordpress.com) […]


  6. hispetitelle says:

    I’ve worn these type of stocking. They are excellent with a tight, slinky dress.


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