dievca’s favorite dress: Moschino

I saw it in the Window.
It spoke to me.
Curve hugging, Punk, Winter Wonderland sparkly.
It was out of my price range.
I walked away.

I saw it in a Magazine.
It spoke to me.
Glorious on a Curvy Girl from TV.
It was out of my price range.
I walked away.

It wasn’t in the Window.
The sign said, “Sale”- whee!
I had to check the availability.
It was my size.
We walked away.

I went to a Museum.
What did I see?
An Exhibit that looked Almost like me.

Moschino Dress AW 2009 10 Punk Chaos to Couture DIY Hardware Gallery Photo by Ingrid Mida 2013

Moschino A/W 2009 Punk Chaos to Couture DIY Hardware Gallery Photo by Ingrid Mayer 2013

9 Comments on “dievca’s favorite dress: Moschino”

  1. cpmandara says:

    Why are the best things always out of our price range? bah humbug. At least window shopping is great fun 🙂


    • dievca says:

      I am always amazed when I like something that is the “lower” price. For once, I was able to get this dress on sale! Last one. Hurrah! A rare occasion 🙂


  2. Punk and spectacular at the same time, this dress is AWESOME ! XO


  3. It had your name on it! xxx


  4. jackiemallon says:

    Fabulous. As a former Moschino designer, I can vouch that they aim to speak your language 🙂 Special as a snowflake but always with an edge.


    • dievca says:

      Between more formal Moschino dresses, Love-Moschino dresses, Moschino shoes,sample sale Moschino Vintage Moschino…..I agree, Moschino has been good to me! I was just doing a quick cruise through your Blog (I will be back!) Hmmm, guessing the book might have a bit of background, huh? I know the group who built the stores – high maintenance was a phrase used. If you go out on your own with a label — let the fashion wannabes know! Don’t forget the little curvy dievcas in the World.. XO


      • jackiemallon says:

        Thanks for browsing and while my desire to go out on my own in the fashion world are only in a writer’s guise at the moment, I will indeed keep you informed. Would love to see your Moschino wardrobe one day. Their clothes are keepers 🙂


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