Retro Inspiration: Nude

A Girl Looking At Herself Vintage Stockings Photo

dievca needed a change for her presentation outfits.  Something unexpected.
Master had told her that he was not a fan of “beige” lingerie, so dievca has avoided it until she ran into these two photos. Inspiration!

But, how could she put Nude Lingerie into practice?

Looking, Looking, Looking on the web and starting to wander around Vintage Shops.  Not a great deal of Nude out there…..then dievca found something to create a “Stop Gap” by Wolford.  You know, trying to stay in the same color shade is harder than you think~


Nude Tulle Bra and Nude Tulle Panty
Nude Satin Suspender-Belt
Nude Sheer Stockings

Not too bad!

The ensemble will be unexpected under a black fit and flare dress with dievca’s Stuart Weitzman Heritage Pumps, Burgundy Cloche hat, Taupe Mohair Blend Cocoon Coat, Black Leather Gloves.

Lovely for an evening listening to Jazz and an unexpected presentation outfit at the end of the evening.

dievca will cross fingers that Master doesn’t mind the beige~ 

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7 Comments on “Retro Inspiration: Nude”

  1. Errant crossing fingers also xox


  2. cpmandara says:

    He’ll love it. Who wouldn’t? 😉


  3. I also find it difficult to stay in the same shade, or combine similar shades when it comes to nude. They look terrific in photos and on models but when I put them on the result is dissapointing most of the time. But I still love the vintage-y look… so I keep looking. So glad you found yours, I hope Master will be too! x


    • dievca says:

      I think staying with the same brand helped. The garter belt is a bit different, but not to bad – it has a gold tint. The bra and pants are the same material and I could get the stockings as a very close match. It helps that my tan has faded with the weather.
      I still plan to wander around the vintage shops.


  4. longandluxe says:

    Adore nude with black – divine xx


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