Guido Argentini – Waiting For The Wizard

Guido Argentini - Waiting For The Wizard

TITLE: Waiting For The Wizard ARTIST: Guido Argentini (1966, Italian) YEAR: 2006

dievca waits for Master

the thought of His arrival ignites dievca’s desire

she waits patiently

growing wet

anticipating his look

his touch

his magic

 dievca’s Wizard

8 Comments on “Guido Argentini – Waiting For The Wizard”

  1. I hope your Warlock brings you much joy sweet diveca, not far to Christmas now, in the Northern Hemisphere I imagine your presentation outfits must be warm or the house warm enough to compensate …


    • dievca says:

      I am in the waiting mode, right now. So be it! We are running a bit warm up here — but it makes for a nice break from the cold. Best Wishes to you and yours for the Holiday! XO


  2. Lovely photograph selection. Sometimes the cold edge of a porcelain sink is the perfect accessory!


    • dievca says:

      Thank you, Guido Argentini does some beautiful work. The only problem with bathrooms is I have that statistical information locked in my brain: Bathrooms are the most dangerous room in the home…and maybe the most fun! Smile.


  3. What a beautiful post which exudes sensuality, desire and magic ! XO


  4. Can I say…awesome bathroom!! xxxxx



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