Gone Fishin’

The Old Standby...

Marc Baptiste Fishnet, 2005

Fishnet Tights

A classic standby for dancers, burlesque performers and everyday wear.

Fishnets have something of a reputation in the past – adorning Can-Can girls in vaudeville shows during the late 19th Century, becoming a housewife’s favorite in the 1950’s and turning somewhat risqué in the 1980’s.

These days Fishnet Stockings’ popularity has soared and they are worn anytime. Daywear through to evening without the reputation of being a Scarlet woman, unless you want to be one!

Fishnet Stockings are generally considered to be a sexy garment, they may serve as a part of sexual fetishism as they define curves by applying a grid close to the body. Fishnets hide imperfections and gently accentuate the wearer’s muscular definition.

Some Quality Brands of Fishnet Stockings:

What Katie Did – UK Brand, vintage feel with a seam all the way up the back

Wolford – Austrian Brand, full socking, hold-ups, knee socks.

Falke – German Brand, full stockings

Capezio – American Brand, Strong for Dancers

Other brands available: DKNY, Kate Spade, Hue, Leg Avenue, Spanx, Commando, Dreamgirl

Ladies, Women, cross dressers, submissives, slaves, dievcas it is time to stock-up for the New Year — get to it!

OK, Let’s shake a sexy leg!


9 Comments on “Gone Fishin’”

  1. Almost every time I dance tango in fishnets they are brutally savaged. I have come to love how I start the night dressed perfectly then as my dances become more intense the holes begin to appear and I end up feeling like an elegantly dressed punk 😉


  2. I love fishnet tights because they add a graphic feel to gorgeous legs : look at her, she’s exquisitely sexy ! XO


  3. I became lost in the first photograph and really cannot remember any of the words at this moment…thank you Dievca. Muah


  4. longandluxe says:

    Luxxxe, darling – love the allure of fishnets! Looks like you’ve made quite a catch 😉 xx


  5. […] And if you would like to source a pair of tradition Fishnet stockings or tights – click here! […]


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