Rag & Bone Ava Pullover – Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Rag and Bone Eva lea-seydoux-


dievca has been lusting over this Rag & Bone Ava Pullover since the Summer.
It is on Sale.
They have the correct size.

It is still quite expensive….

But, Baby, it’s cold outside.

dievca will look adorable and downtown Chic in the Ava pullover — just look at the Advert.
dievca’s bank account cannot afford the pullover after the Holidays.
dievca is dreaming about the pullover.

dievca talks in her sleep.

Aha! Master bought dievca the Pullover.

What a treat! Please take a closer look:

Rag Bone Ava sweater rag-bone-black-ava-oversized-pullover person rag-bone-black-ava-oversized-pullover-

BDSM note:

Just in case you wanted to see the Ava pullover in BONDED LEATHER.


12 Comments on “Rag & Bone Ava Pullover – Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”

  1. Lucky dievca, you must have been a very good dievca x


  2. I won’t even look at the price but I do like both versions! You are a lucky girl!


  3. You’ll look lovely in this, how can you not!? Some of my favorite pieces, also the ones I look the best wearing, are the ones picked out by males. Walk tall in this one, DIevca.


    • dievca says:

      Thank you! I’ll do my best to gain some inches 🙂 . The Males in my life mostly like to travel and experience things (concerts, sporting events, etc.) So, receiving a piece of clothing from Master is a first for me. I think I could grow to like it~ XO


  4. Now..which one did he buy you??! xxx


  5. wunderwench says:

    Such a gorgeous piece and the leather details are just yum.





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