Connected to Master with Hermès.


Hermès Collier de Chien Belt

dievca loves to be connected to her Master.
But, she has a Vanilla presence and cannot wear a Permanent Collar in public.

What if dievca wore this gorgeous Hermes belt out to dinner?
Master could connect  a lead to dievca’s waist under the table as they ate or watched a movie.
dievca would be Master’s to command in a very subtle way.

Hmmm, dievca’s wheels are turning….
OK, this is a little strange and it might end up awkward.
The point was to be subtle.
Maybe Master would be interested in this fantasy, too.
Time to run it past Master.

That is the beauty of open communication in BDSM.
Honesty and discussion.
Being open to hearing and trying new things.
It makes life easier and perhaps more interesting than Vanilla.

dievca becomes more submissive to Master

13 Comments on “Connected to Master with Hermès.”

  1. cpmandara says:

    Now that’s what I call gorgeous!


  2. Pelelotus says:

    You know that Hermes also do riding crops too? Too lovely x


  3. jackiemallon says:

    I connect myself to the leg of the bloody table if it meant I’d own a belt like that! 🙂


  4. Wow (or should I say woof ?), this collier de chien belt is purely divine ! XO


  5. I admit: half the like goes to Jackie’s comment really! 😀


  6. I love this idea….



  7. […] has spoken about her daydreams of being attached to her Master in the past: Connected to Master with […]


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