1930’s and 1940’s Gowns: Shear Madness

dievca needs help deciding what to wear to a Gala.
She is looking into two options of  gowns; one from the 1930’s and another from the 1940’s.
Both gowns are beautiful and flattering on a curvy body.
Both gowns can do dual duty of working the Gala and presenting to Master.

Would you help dievca decide which gown to choose?
1930s Stunning Bias Cut Rust Lace Gown 1930s Stunning Bias Cut Rust Lace Gown2 1930s Stunning Bias Cut Rust Lace Gown3 1930s Stunning Bias Cut Rust Lace Gown4
dievca’s first offering is a romantic, feminine 1930’s dress done in a rust colored, machine-made lace that is pieced on the bias so that it skims over the body and moves to accommodate curves. The skirt widens at the hem and has a fair amount of fabric. Both the front and back dip quite low for a sexiness that is undeniable. The gown can be worn with a nude slip underneath and it will appear as if there is nothing on but a layer of lace. Or dievca could be more bold and use color underneath as a contrast.

1940's Black Crepe Gown with Metallic Embroidery
1940's Black Crepe Gown with Metallic Embroidery21940's Black Crepe Gown with Metallic Embroidery31940's Black Crepe Gown with Metallic Embroidery41940's Black Crepe Gown with Metallic Embroidery51940's Black Crepe Gown with Metallic Embroidery61940's Black Crepe Gown with Metallic Embroidery7

dievca’s second vintage gown dates back to the 1940’s and is made of black crepe with a sheer net insert at the bodice and back highlighted embellished with gold metallic floral embroidery. V-neck. Short sleeves. Unlined. Side zipper. This is another romantic and feminine dress. The skirt has a layer of embroidery at the bottom and has a fair amount of fabric to it. The top can show off a black bra or black camisole. A nude camisole could be used for a look where  there was nothing on but a lovely sheer layer.

OK, is it the pop of color or the sleek black?
Do you love or hate the sheer lace or netting?
Which gown seems more flattering or interesting?
Please let dievca know.
She needs help on this one.

10 Comments on “1930’s and 1940’s Gowns: Shear Madness”

  1. dievca, the black 40’s wonder! I bow!


  2. Pelelotus says:

    In the red, you will be a Scarlet Woman x


  3. 1930’s rust lace!!!!!!


  4. Oh good sweet Jesus they are both gorgeous but the red the red it calls to me… (apologies for two votes – upsets the statistics I am well aware…)


  5. longandluxe says:

    Ooohhh the rust lace indeed! It’s hot elegance. Like beautifully caged passion. xxxx


  6. Anami Blog says:

    Tie cierne saty su uzasne! 🙂


  7. wunderwench says:

    There is so much to love about both gowns, I can see how this is a difficult decision. The 1930s lace one calls to me. It just looks like it would FEEL great both on a woman’s and, more importantly, under a partner’s hands.


  8. The first one with color underneath as a contrast would be beyond beautiful ! This intricate lace is just magnificent, and I’m sure that you’d look magnificent in such a bold outfit ! XO


  9. Swimming against the tide, but it’s the black one for me..I adore the cut! xxx


  10. dievca says:

    The count looks like 3 Votes for the Black Dress and 5 Votes for the Rust Lace — so the colored Lace Dress is the winner. Let’s hope it fits! Thank You, everyone.


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