Crazy Train….Vivienne Westwood Sky High

vivienne-westwood-black platform shoe

A little background music while you absorb dievca’s wish for a pair of:
Vivienne Westwood Sky High Platforms.

Video might be a little much for the morning….unless you really like to Rock.
PS. Look how young and clear Ozzy looks and sounds.

(Yes, I know that Dame Vivienne was more into punk — but the song is appropriate and dievca might have a Metal Fan or two, in the crowd. One located in France, perhaps?)

Will dievca’s Master like these shoes?
Uhh, dievca doesn’t think so — but she is on a quest…..a quest to break an ankle!
dievca imagines that Master will just laugh at her and say, “Wear the shoes at home.”

L0071026 Super Elevated ghillie shoesvivienne westwood Tan Rust Platformvivienne westwood Black-mock-croc-platform-productVivienne Westwood Pink Platformsvivienne-westwood-green platformsVivienne Westwood_Shoe_Platform PinkVivienne Westwood Blue Platform Shoesnaomi-campbell 1993 tumble

14 Comments on “Crazy Train….Vivienne Westwood Sky High”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Or wear them in bed…. X


  2. Haha, thank you so very much for this little heavy metal number, courtesy of Ozzy !!! These Vivienne Westwood platforms are as iconic as Naomi Campbell’s spectacular fall and Ozzy’s fringed outfits ! Rock on !!! XO


  3. These are day wear! Some cute thing was wearing them today at a sporting event. She looked fab! Go for it ladies…and put a little rock n roll (but not down the stairs!) in your step!


    • dievca says:

      I just really thought about walking down a set of stairs in those platforms and shuddered. I think you have to pick your time and place to wear the shoes– somewhere without obstacles.


  4. I am simply distracted and stunned by Randy Rhoads pants … looking damn fine.


  5. Oh my, dievca is reaching for new heights! xxx


  6. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update says:

    I adore a fabulous, nutty pair of shoes and these are spectacular!


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