“dievca’s disasters”: an Adventure in Latex

I'll see your hot mess...

 Wardrobe Malfunctions

Something everyone has experienced at some point in their life.
Between Gala’s, Fundraisers and Presentation outfits for Master,
dievca has had her fair share of disasters….

  • Sometimes, something looks so fabulous when you put it together.
  • Sometimes you try everything on in the morning.
  • Sometimes, there is something a little fishy, but you think you can work around it.
  • Sometimes you forget a piece.

WHEW! dievca thinks you know where she is going with this topic.

dievca’s Disasters: A Black Latex Tank Dress

Black Latex Tank Dress

In the beginning of Master and dievca’s relationship, dievca asked Master what he would enjoy as presentation outfits.  Master answered dievca in one word, “Diversity”.  A great word and fun to work with — but sometimes having such a broad category is as hard or harder than working under tight restrictions.

At one point, dievca brought all of her lingerie to Master for a clear out. This is when Master said, “I do not like Beige Lingerie.”
OK…..Agent Provocateur Debbie and Esme, GONE!~

AP Debbie AP Esme

Back on to dievca’s disaster: So, as Master’s submissive, dievca paid attention to every utterance and hint that Master dropped about lingerie, presentation outfits, styles and fashions He liked.  One of the gems Master dropped was that He found Latex items sexy.  The comment was about how latex highlighted curves and smoothed everything.

Aha!  dievca WANTS that — she has curves and can be smoothed.  Hello! Google read up on wearing and caring for Latex items and lurking on eBay to find an item.  dievca found a store located in Las Vegas, NV (The Black Room) which swears by German latex because it is a better quality. Plus, the owner is German and latex is a passion.

dievca purchased a simple Tank Dress and after reading about Latex decided upon a size S, and not a M. No wrinkles, please!  The dress arrived and dievca conditioned it with shine/lube and tried it on.  Here is part of the e-mail that dievca wrote to Master about her test drive:

For the past three days, I have been under-the-weather but would head to work and then come home exhausted. One day, an hour and a half nap helped me get back on the horse for a 2:00 pm work out. I felt rejuvenated. 

It was 3:30 pm and no one was expected to bother me until 6:00 pm, so I thought that I would take Master’s instructions to heart and put the anal plug in. Since, I was planning to take time for myself anyways – perhaps checking out how one of my fantasy outfits would work might be a good idea, too….So, I pulled out a super short black latex dress. Sassy,“Bad Girl” at its best! Whoo-whee~

Per the instructions, I began to lube up the dress and my body to make it easier for the dress to slide on to my form. As I put it over my head – the top looked fantastic!  I was so excited, but I could not get the rest of the dress to go down my body without it rolling up like a sausage. A sausage hanging around my tummy. There was slippery lube everywhere, no control and I was trying not to rip the latex – it was a logistical disaster.

After about 10 minutes, I gave up.  

I took off the dress, unrolled it, stared at it and then (finally) in a genius moment realized that if I pulled the dress up my legs and made sure it was snug around my hips/ass – I should be able to keep it from rolling. IT WORKED! Up comes the dress, no rolling, stretching it enough to encase my breasts! The dress is so short that you can see a hint of my bottom. God, it is forgiving and I look hot!  

I want my Master to see this, it would be so much more fun to share. I miss him.


I relax for a moment before attending to my new latex dress. Another process! I had to go on the web to learn how to clean and store my latex. Uhhhh, not a very easy choice of clothing – but pretty cool looking, if I do say so myself. I may have to buy some other latex items. 

Shine, Baby, Shine!

your latex fetish dievča

Presenting in Latex

So, the test drive of the Latex Dress helped work out the kinks and dievca was ready to use it as a presentation outfit for Master.  dievca thought that she knew the “tricks-of-the-trade” and took her time to get the dress settled properly. She kept it simple with black heels, wild curly hair, cat eyes, and red lipstick.

Slinking  into the room to present for Master, dievca turns so He can see the full effect of the latex hugging His dievca’s ASSets.

Master signaled dievca to kneel and turned away to pick up the gold leather collar. As dievca tried to kneel gracefully, she felt the skirt of the dress slipping from the shine/lube and it began to migrate upward.  Master turned to place the collar around dievca’s neck and WHOOP! the dress rolled up like a crazy out-of-control window shade, snapping into the sausage shape around dievca’s waist.

dievca desperately tried to pull the dress down…. then Master tried to help pull the dress down….it was not going to budge.  By this time, Master and dievca are laughing too hard and the dress wasn’t going anywhere but off of dievca’s body.

dievca had to present in the Nude, again~

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16 Comments on ““dievca’s disasters”: an Adventure in Latex”

  1. You should trademark this wonderful post because, to me, it could be a very sexy and funny scene in a great comedy, but, wait, if you have great curves, cat eyes and red lipstick, you should play the part as well, and become the new Queen of Hollywood ! XO


  2. Oh my goodness…”like a …crazy window shade” ! Laughing here and loving this post. Perfect read with my morning coffee. Hugs, Ret


  3. Good morning…I have to add how much I like the look of the knee high boots paired with the style of the beige lingerie… truly gorgeous and actually quite forgiving in the right areas… made by?


  4. Oh I did laugh!! Thank you for the giggle!! xxx


  5. This is not a disaster; it is a Master-piece! Thank you dievca! xxx


  6. jackiemallon says:

    Oh I will carry the visuals around with me! Hilarious!


  7. LittleBoPeep says:

    OMG… just read this to Sir… we had a good laugh! He is always telling me that fantasy and reality are hard to meld…LOL. Great post!


    • dievca says:

      I am glad that it made you smile — I still shake my head. I will add some other disasters with time. If you get a chance, look at “Corsets 101”. That was another Master/dievca presentation moment…..


  8. […] But, she knows the challenges of dressing herself in rubber — the conditioning, the careful stretching, the smoothing, the adjusting and the pitfalls. […]


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