Learning to read with Charlotte Olympia shoes

deivca was feeling a bit blue and took a moment to look at some Charlotte Olympia shoes as a pick-me-up.  While she wandered about the web looking at new and past items — she realized that her whole journey of learning to read as a child was laid-out by Charlotte Olympia Collections.

dievca was in 3rd Grade and her Mother despaired of her daughter ever learning to read.  An expert told dievca’s Mother to let dievca read whatever she wanted — magazines, advertisements…..comic books. Yes, you guessed it. dievca’s first choice of reading material came from the grocery store check-out line in the form of Archie Comic Books.

Grocery Store Archie Comic Book 2014

Grocery Store Archie Comic Book 2014

Though it pained her Mother to waste money on comic books, the doctor said it would work and it did!

Charlotte Olympia Miranda. Archie Comics

Charlotte Olympia Miranda. Archie Comics Collection

Slowly, very slowly dievca was reading and her parents wanted to keep the momentum rolling — what do you offer an 8-year-old with a vivid imagination, who loves to pretend, dance and move?  Stories with a strong plot, action, fantasy and magic. Stories which are similar to the offerings of  the TV show: The Wonderful World of Disney. because dievca watched the show religiously. So, her Mom and Dad’s offerings: Disney and Golden Book Fairy Tales with pictures.Golden Book Cinderella

Charlotte Olympia Matilda Shoes, Fairy Tale Collection

Charlotte Olympia Matilda Shoes, Fairy Tale Collection

So, now deivca was reading comic books and Fairytales….what more could her Parent’s offer her that would be of interest.  They started with leaving a kids magazine on the bathroom shelf:  National Geographic World  — the Kid’s Did It section was very interesting to dievca. She was amazed that there was a magazine directed towards her age group.  Then dievca’s Parents left a copy of Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White on the shelf.  dievca was hooked, she wanted to know what word Charlotte was going to write about Wilbur and what was going to happen next!Charlotte's Web

Charlotte Olympia - Charotte's Web Shoe

Charlotte Olympia – Charlotte’s Web Collection

dievca finally caught up with how to read, in 4th grade.  The Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume, sealed the deal.  Never a child to do things by halves, dievca was a bookworm by 5th grade and you couldn’t get her nose out of a book.

It’s a problem even to today.  dievca tries to avoid reading when she needs to get work done, because once she puts her nose in a book — Good-Bye World~

So, Thank You, Mom and Dad, Archie, Disney,  E.B. White and Judy Blume (plus others).  Your efforts taught a child to read!  And Thank You, Charlotte Olympia for honoring the dievca’s Classics with her Collections. XO

15 Comments on “Learning to read with Charlotte Olympia shoes”

  1. Smart parents, smarter daughter! The Archie Comics collection are the ones for me!


  2. I can’t believe that all these stunning Charlotte Olympia inspirations are part of your cultural DNA ! Amazing shoes for an amazing intellectual ! XO


  3. shygirl says:

    What fun shoes and what a lovely way to become a bookworm! I’m so glad that my parents started sending me to my room to read when I was three because books are one of my favorite past times.


  4. They always say never judge a book by it’s cover… xxx


  5. Kids today still start reading with comic books- especially boys…and anime is big. Can’t tell you enough how much I like the red Charlotte Olympia Matilda shoes….did you see the Golden Globes? Beautiful Louboutin’s were thrown on the stage by …can’t remember….I was mesmerized by the shoes in her hand! She took the stage barefoot (wise woman) Not a book in sight UNLESS of course we acknowledge most screenplays come from excellent books. Reading Rocks… I remember devouring every book in our tiny town’s library. I regret none of my time lost in the stacks.


  6. jackiemallon says:

    I missed this. Must have been before we were really friends :-). Gorgeous tale and a lesson to all teachers that learning should be fun! I am enlightened. You also read shoes very well 🙂


  7. Came to this post via Jackie Mallon’s blog…
    wonderful story, great read…
    and fabulous shoes 😉


  8. […] dievca learned to READ via comic books. […]


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