Buy less, choos…

Buy less, choose well and do it yourself!”

― Vivienne Westwood

Words dievca needs to live by for the New Year.
Time for a closet clear out…it is going to be a challenge.
dievca HAS to get to it…
While that is happening, may dievca leave you with some photos of her favorite
Dame Vivienne Westwood’s pieces?
Chosen randomly, with love and lust in mind:


vivienne westwood gladiator-sandals Vivienne Westwood dresses emblazoned with the vintage Union Jack print vivienne-westwood-clothes-2011-fall-winter- vivienne-westwood-friday-red dress vivienne_westwood_best_womenwears_vest_skirtvivienne-westwood-anglomania-multi-bale-sunday-dress-1-610x610 vivienne-westwood-suede-pirate-boots-camel1 Campaign_Vivienne_Westwood_S-S2011_Juergen-Teller_ vivienne-westwood-clothes-2011-fall-winter-pants Vivienne-Westwood-Dresses-Collection-2013-14 vivienne-westwood-square-red dress vivienne-westwood-clothes-2011-fall-winter-dress Vivienne Westwood Corset Vivienne Westwood Draped Vintage corset Dress in rust Vivienne Westwood Wolford vivienne-westwood-gold-label-white-long-savannah-dress- Vivienne Westwood Juergen Teller vivienne-westwood-clothes-2011-fall-winter-coat Westwood Monday Top2 Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood Juergen Teller fame laid bare

May we all be this fabulous in our Golden Years.
(OK, I know photoshop may be involved. But, dievca can be photoshopped, too!)

12 Comments on “Buy less, choos…”

  1. Photoshop or not, she is a formidable woman! I also loved her tartan designs for the dancers’ costumes for the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert… best I’ve seen in years! xxx


  2. Pelelotus says:

    The second to last dress is wonderful x


  3. mel says:

    I adore all of those dresses, especially the red plaid. And that tutu dress? Gorgeous!


  4. I think that I have adopted Vivienne Westwood’s motto ! What an extraordinary activist designer she is ! The corset with the painting (I guess that it was based on François Boucher …) is magnificent ! XO


    • dievca says:

      I just realized that I had only one corset (a good one). I love Vivienne Westwood’s corsets, but I don’t keep photos because they are just not as practical to wear as a dress….


  5. What delicious choices! xxx


  6. […] Wonders at the same time dievca was beginning to pack for moving and trying to clear out items (Vivienne Westwood post.)  As dievca was sorting through her summer clothing, she ran across an embroidered blouse from her […]


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