Foot Fetish or just a passion for feet….

Foot Fetish

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering
and a work of art.

Leonardo da Vinci

Andreas H. Bitesnich Sylvie-Vienna 1999

Andreas H. Bitesnich
Sylvie-Vienna 1999

At one point, dievca considered enrolling in a Podiatric Medical School. she took the MCAT, did well, and then realized that she was really not able to move where one of the 9 schools in the United States were located.  dievca was disappointed, but there were many other avenues of life to explore as a woman with a degree in Science.

dievca brings this up for two reasons:

 1.) she is considering taking the MCAT, again…..time to fire up those brain cells. And, there is a school where she is currently living.  The idea is a far reach — age, cost, dedication, discipline, loss of income.  But, again, firing up the old science brain cells to study will be a treat and Master suggested it.

2.) dievca loves feet, she is amazed by their strength, agility and coordination while Master HATES feet. To see the love and the hate side-by-side is quite funny.

dievca loves to receive a pedicure, a foot massage, stretching and maneuvering her feet.  Master cannot stand to have someone touch His feet, barely pays attention to them, ignores any pain or problem.  Now, Master, doesn’t mind rubbing dievca’s feet during aftercare or cuddling — it is just His feet which are not to be touched.

When dievca and Master were just learning about each other, the foot topic came up when Master mentioned that He had to deal with a corn. dievca’s ears perked…..feet, feet? Did Master mention feet?  Would He allow dievca to look at His feet?  Would He allow dievca to touch His feet? treat His feet? dievca went in for the kill and grabbed a foot, she moved way too fast for Master and Thwack! dievca learned about Master’s feet being touchy through her ass.

After the spanking, dievca told Master about her earlier dream to be a Podiatrist and asked if she could be allowed to look at His feet sometime.  Master thought about it and after two weeks decided that dievca could take a look at His feet.  It was very slow going process and it mirrored dievca’s training and transformation to D/s.  As dievca trusted Master and became more submissive, Master began to trust dievca to serve Him fully and allowed dievca to touch and work with His feet.

dievca can shift submissive with a look = Master no longer has a corn pain

dievca know which positions Masters prefers = Master’s foot no longer has a knot on the bottom

dievca knows how  to present and serve Master = Master has gained foot flexibility through stretches

dievca knows how to focus exclusively on Master = Master has well-maintained toenails and no heel cracking

So, does dievca have a foot fetish or just a passion for feet?
OK, dievca isn’t into photos of feet, she doesn’t want to kiss feet (except for Master’s), she doesn’t seek out other people’s feet unless they ask for help.  dievca does view working with Master’s feet as part of her servitude to Master, she takes great pride that He feels better through her work.
It’s just a passion, right?


Martin van Maele - La Comtesse au fouet

Martin van Maele – La Comtesse au fouet

16 Comments on “Foot Fetish or just a passion for feet….”

  1. It is a beautiful passion xo


  2. Agree with Errant! Dievca, some men have nice feet…then there is nothing more sexy than a man, barefoot, shirtless, and wearing low slung jeans! Sssszzzzle….Foot massage, very sensual. My hands on his feet even better. I have photo archives of bare feet…but about 99% of them are photos of the feet of people I love…


    • dievca says:

      Well, Master’s feet look fabulous and I think he feels much better. I’d like to walk the beach with him and his bare toes. We are still keeping the foot massage part for my feet as a treat. XO


  3. jackiemallon says:

    Sounds like Dievca likes Master’s feet and her own feet and then approaches the rest of mankind’s feet as an academic. Which is as it should be. I personally hate all feet. But I appreciate their genius design. Mine ave taken me on some exciting adventures.


  4. esther says:

    passion, predeliction, fetish…i am drawn to feet, too. i couldn’t be with someone whose feet i do not like. they need to be compatible to mine. i’ve noticed that many couples have similar feet. coincidence, or something else, primal in the brain? i love my cats’ feet too, and love to massage them. xxx


    • dievca says:

      Funny you mention that partner’s feet match…our foot shapes are similar. But,my feet are much more malleable and flexible, hmmmm….actually, I am just more malleable and flexible over all. Is that a submissive thing or an awareness thing? XO


  5. Poor feet, they take us everywhere but are so often neglected. I never cared much – except for the basics – but would always accept a footmassage with gratitude 🙂 On the opposite end: I feel your littre grey cells work very well, but if you feel like giving them a boost – and on one of your favourite subjects, why not? Loose a little, gain so much!


    • dievca says:

      Thank you for saying that my Grey Cells do work — I hope so, occasionally 😉
      I just miss being a Science Geek sometimes. XO
      Actually, if I did the schooling — I would lose a great deal. So, I will think carefully, but take the MCAT in the meantime…


  6. mel says:

    I’m afraid I’m a little worse off than your Master. I really don’t like feet, but I do enjoy open toed shoes, and actually would love to go barefoot, most of the time, so I try to take care of my feet.

    When husband and I were first dating, he loved to play footsie and would try to rub his feet up and down my legs in bed. TOTALLY grossed me out.

    But I’ve gotten better about that, knowing it’s just his way of showing affection and attention.

    Still, when I have to cut my son’s toenails… gag!! Lol!


  7. sh3rayah says:

    your foot post did humor me as you thought, you intrigue me with your posts, so you got yourself nominated =)


  8. […] OK, when you are a little bit blue or you need a “pick-me-up” – getting a manicure/pedicure can do the trick. (unless you are Master and cannot tolerate anyone but dievca, touching His toes…) […]


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