staying toasty….pushing though winter and a celebration

dievca has completed her move. It was a slog, but she has gotten her groove back because she is where she belongs. It was stressful to be in the wrong place….lesson learned.

That said, not all the boxes are unpacked so finding items becomes a challenge. dievca needed a warm outfit to battle the cold windy elements and Master stated that He would like to see His dievca in a corset for her presentation. Time crunch with work….what could dievca find?!?!?

Here goes:

Marilyn Monroe Black Cashmere Turtlenecksplendid-black-very-light-jersey-tee- Black Cashmere Knit Skirt UO Green Fleece-lined tights Stuart-Weitzman-Gilt-5050-boot-Green Suede Ann Taylor Loft Pieced Flower Belt Green burberry-camel-wool-cashmere-trench-coat- lacoste-large-croc-beanie-black- Portolano Black Cashmere Mittensrebecca-minkoff-willi shoulder bag

Red Moon Fitted Cashmere Turtleneck black
Splendid Fitted Tee black
Ply Cashmere Knit Pencil Skirt black
Urban Outfitters Fleece Tights green
Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Suede Boots green
Ann Taylor Loft Leather Flower Belt green
Burberry Cashmere/Wool Blend Trench camel
Lacoste Beanie black
Portolano Cashmere Mittens black
Rebecca Minkoff Willi Bag black

dievca went digging for corsets and she built around the first corset she could find~
Master’s Presentation Outfit:

Black Satin Corset hanky-panky-black-stretch-lace-briefs PHILLIPE MATIGNON_black pinstrip thigh high stay ups ralph_lauren_leopard_kailee_platform_pumps_ Black Leather collar

Satin Corset black
Hanky Panky Lace Briefs black
Philippe Matignon Pinstripe Thigh High Stay Ups black
Ralph Lauren Kailee II Leopard Platforms multi
Locking Leather Collar black

When dievca arrived at Master’s, Master locked His black leather collar on dievca and told her that He had an hours worth of work to do. So, dievca sat at Master’s feet and went through some of her work, too.  When Master was finished, He asked if dievca’s presentation outfit was comfortable enough for sitting  and chatting.  dievca said that it was and went to change. With practice, dievca is getting better at putting corsets on by herself and she was able to present to Master without asking for help.

Corsets are a safe bet for dievca with her curves — always flattering.  Marilyn Monroe wavy hair, cat eyes, red lips and cheeks – Glamorous under pressure!

As dievca presented for Master, He was very pleased – then told her to sit on the sofa and close her eyes.

Master surprised dievca with a glass of Taittinger Brut Champagne to celebrate her move and then made an excellent dinner for His dievca. she was not allowed to help or clean up.  It was absolutely decadent (and a smidgen confusing) but the dynamics completely reversed in the bedroom – which is how both Master and dievca like it.

A diverse and exquisite evening.

16 Comments on “staying toasty….pushing though winter and a celebration”

  1. Beautiful dievca, Master has good taste xo


    • dievca says:

      Thank you. I was a little lost, not serving Master, but He went to such an effort and was so pleased to serve me. I felt like a Goddess. Then Master’s locked collar grounded me when the lead was clipped on and I just let go and worshipped Master fully.
      The scenario fit right in with Master’s desire for variety, in all things.
      I am still thinking about it.


  2. Moves are such a nuisance; but if they give reason to such decadent celebrations they’re worth it! xxx


  3. Cheers to Dievca and Master for glamorously fighting routine ! XO


  4. esther says:

    my condo hunt was a dud…two properties seen, big disappointment. wish i had a Master. well, i do have “Master” Spike the cat, but somehow i don’t think He appreciates my selection in clothing or jewelry. just the fancy feast m’am, just the can!

    i love your clothing and presentation outfit. you take such care and detail into what and who you are. i think i’ve been alone too long…i stay within the realm of basics. xxx


    • dievca says:

      I am sorry about the Condo hunt — Good Luck with it for the future. I am sure that Spike is partial to sparklies which he can push with his paw. I am pretty basic, too…..apparently all my “staying toasty” posts have knits in them~easy and warm.


  5. LittleBoPeep says:

    It sounds divine….my Sir is an excellent cook and I love it when he spoils me. And then afterwards….as you said, exquisite. Enjoy your Sunday 🙂


    • dievca says:

      It was divine, a treat. My Sunday is unpacking those random boxes. I would like to find my coffee — Lipton’s tea isn’t cutting it. Have a good end of the weekend. (and enjoy those cupcakes ~ I showed Master the photo and he stated he would prefer the female form.)


  6. mrmodigliani says:

    Congrats on your move dievca


  7. Oh this sounds fabulous… Congrats… Dark green is here and is one of my favorite colors…

    HUGS! LK


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