Sold Out. Sigh~


Anya Hindmarch “Earl Valentine” Tote/Shopper

It was Spring/ Summer 2013 and dievca never saw it until now……dievca missed it. she missed the ultimate accessory to represent “Master and dievca“….. It is sold out. Serious bummer because this tote would make dievca smile and Master smile.  It’s a statement of the joy of D/s or a Vanilla relationship with a fun, quirky sense of humor.  Right up dievca’s alley.  she is really bummed.  Guess who is going to be lurking on eBay~ Again, serious bummer.

There is second tote.  Quite fun, but not as subtle as the first tote.  Also, sold out. Sigh~

Anya Hindmarch "Earl Bottom Pinch" Tote/Shopper

Anya Hindmarch “Earl Bottom Pinch” Tote/Shopper

19 Comments on “Sold Out. Sigh~”

  1. Oh wow the first one… sigh, keep your eyes peeled diveca you may just find one!


  2. LittleBoPeep says:

    Love quirky. Best of luck stalking EBay.


  3. Oh I do hope you find the first one dievca! Fingers crossed!


    • dievca says:

      I just told Peep that there are three on eBay 😉 — now what am I willing to pay?!?!? I try to avoid eBay because I get sucked into looking at everything and I need to unpack boxes…


  4. esther says:

    oh, definitely the first one! if anyone can find this bag, i know it will be you dievca! i’ll be keeping fingers crossed. i will be adding a new item today…a daywear leash, aka lariat necklace. naming it “where you lead, i will follow”… should be up after lunch. it’s two tone and delicate. xx


  5. How marvelous these illustrated bags are ! XO


    • dievca says:

      It is so silly, but a cheeky bag always makes my day and brings a smile to my face. My own or someone elses. Life is too serious sometimes and I love when someone says, “Lighten Up, Francis!” (Quote from the movie “Stripes”)


  6. Oh these made me smile!! Fingers crossed for you – def the first one! And congrats on the move!! xxx


  7. jackiemallon says:

    Oo-er missus, how saucy! I like the second one. We used to have a series of films in the UK called Carry On films: Carry on, Doctor, Carry on Cleo (set in Cleopatra’s Egypt), Carry on Camping…they were hilarious, completely inappropriate and full of dirty men groping women on the run 😀 Begin your search!


  8. Luv that bag did you get one?



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