What to wear with that black tank top ~ Clover Canyon


What to wear with a black tank top is very simple, a CLOVER CANYON skirt or pants.
The ornate patterns, the jewel tones~a gorgeous bottom needs something simple on top.

Clover Canyon Skirt Printed Neoprene Saks Clover Canyon Skirt Peacock Revolve Clothing Clover Canyon Skirt Russion China Clover Canyon Skirt Endless Summer Clover Canyon Skirt Desert Home Clover Canyon skirt -inked-flower-skirt-profile Clover Canyon Skirt blackwhitegreen-how-high-skirt-Clover Canyon Skirt Golden Panther

In a word, the look of Clover Canyon is jubilant.
Designed and produced in Los Angeles, each Clover Canyon collection reflects the eclectic, joyful spirit of California through vivid prints and streamlined silhouettes. Working collaboratively and drawing on their shared passion for travel and art, the team designs original prints then hand-engineers them to frame and enhance the body. New technology meets old world craftsmanship as garments are designed, patterned, cut and sewn in-house.

Clover Canyon invites women to join them on a journey of the imagination:
Where do you want to go when getting gorgeous for your Sir?

Clover Canyon Pants Wide Leg Revolve Clover Canyon Pants silk de chine Saks Clover Canyon Pants Printed_crepe_de_chine_wide_leg_pants Clover Canyon Pants Leaf

13 Comments on “What to wear with that black tank top ~ Clover Canyon”

  1. I love Clover Canyon’s sublime patterns : they definitely can compete with Mary Katrantzou’s ! XO


  2. esther says:

    love these…what fun! i usually end up with black tees in fall, black turtlenecks in winter, black short sleeve tees in spring, and black tanks in summer. these would keep my look playful…um, except for the chains, padlocks and spikey things! xxx


  3. Oooh. Is it tank top season? Please say yes, dear dievca.


  4. jackiemallon says:

    Ooh, what a find. I love them. I’m really into loud skirts and quiet tops so I need to get on a more intimate footing with this interesting little label. Thanks as always. D!


  5. LUV….. I am looking them up now..



    • dievca says:

      The have great dresses and I am fascinated by the jacket/coat they show on their ‘homepage’ — but I couldn’t find it in the ‘shop’ section….


  6. longandluxe says:

    That surfer skirt is fabulous!! xx


    • dievca says:

      That was the one I saw first — maybe a bright colored tank top for that skirt, huh? Oh, and a little Beach Boys in the background.


      • longandluxe says:

        She’s bop bop . . . excitations . . .good good good . . . good vibrations!!! Now I’m out of the winter blues, thank you love! I am a huge fan of a plain black or white tank with one pop-of-a-piece 😉 You always find the best skirts! xx


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