Didn’t we have a conversation about this? XO

Didn't we have a conversation about this? XO

Agent Provocateur: Therese Dress

Or was it this?

Healthy Hoovering

24 Comments on “Didn’t we have a conversation about this? XO”

  1. LittleBoPeep says:

    The top one. Sending to Sir, immediately.


  2. Gee. That top dress makes vacuuming look good.


  3. mrmodigliani says:

    Oh the top one. Yum 😉


  4. esther says:

    i have 2 1/2 vacuums (the half is a wet/dry). used both yesterday. not a favorite chore. but then again, i hate chores. even in heels & perfume. feh! xx


    • dievca says:

      My God — it’s a vacuum family! Not 2.5 kids, 2.5 vacuums. XO


      • esther says:

        i have an old canister “mighty mite,” my cousin said get a wet/dry…great on floors! mine makes a leaky mess, but sucks fine on bare floors. then used cc reward points on bigger pet hair sucking one to get the cat hair out of my rugs that the other two can’t. i have no place to hide them and they just stand there in a row. 😦


  5. Pelelotus says:

    Love that you are trying to sex up hoovering x


  6. jackiemallon says:

    The luscious temptress in Therese looks about as happy doing the hovering as I do. Just from these two images we would guess that little has really changed in a woman’s life from then to now except for fashion! %-/


  7. Agent Provocateur’s “vacuum-cleaning” dress would make any housewife hot hot hot and never desperate ! XO


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