A DIY moment? Maybe….

Charlotte Olympia Flower Heels

Charlotte Olympia Flower Heels

DIY Floral Heels

DIY Floral Heels

DIY – Do It Yourself

dievca is trying to clean out her closets drastically to match Master’s sensibility about materialism:
Less is More.
But, her passion for fashion takes over on many occasions. Master does not expect dievca to follow His leanings because He knows that fashion brings her a great deal of joy.

But, dievca is at the point where she needs to have a clear out.

It is really bad when she asks her Mom to help her weed out dresses that are not flattering and they both end up looking in the mirror and saying ” I know why you bought that dress.” “Oh, that is lovely.” “You cannot get rid of that…” Not good.

This occurs with shoes, too.

When dievca decided that she would like to buy a pair of heels with flowers for Spring, the Charlotte Olympia version was  the Holy Grail that spoke to her.  But trying to stay within her new rules — items need to leave the house, not come in — dievca is trying to put her DIY skills to good use.

she found these DIY shoe sites:
Plus this photo of DIY Floral Heels for inspiration.  Currently, dievca is scouring her shoe collection for a pair that can be drafted for her project.

Wish her luck because she is still lusting over those Charlotte Olympia Flower Heels…

Does anyone else have trouble clearing their closets? or have a DIY clothing project going?


23 Comments on “A DIY moment? Maybe….”

  1. I am learning to make shoes from scratch to satisfy my perfectionist streak when it comes to the tango shoe.


  2. Good luck!! I did a flower clutch once..was surprisingly easy and very addictive (I can recommend buying really cheap fake flowers from the cheapest places and deconstructing them!) But I do have the urge to take my cork wedges from last year and cover the cork with drawing pins (US – push pins!) pushed right in with a little bit of super glue…watch this space.. xxx


  3. esther says:

    i am hoping to move in less than 5 weeks (keep fingers crossed, not a done deal yet) and i am already starting the weeding out.

    too soon for new projects, but i do knit and crochet, so occasionally come up with an idea or two. like making crochetted flowers to pin on old sweaters in random places to freshen them up. got the idea after i crocheted a hoodie sweater for my niece and made a handful of crocheted flower pins to scatter on the front as she’d like, then can take off when laundering. works for grown ups too! good luck with the crafting, dievca, it’s lots of fun! xxoo p.s. trés cool shoes!


  4. jackiemallon says:

    Well as you know I’m moving soon. I was given the mandate of streamlining my books, clothes and shoes so that there is space for my husband in our new place. So far I have identified 17 books to take to secondhand bookstore. No shoes. No clothes. I need to review the situation before my “supervisor” returns…:-)


  5. jackiemallon says:

    PS THose floral shoes would look gorgeous just with jeans!


  6. This is so hard to get rid of clothes and accessories which have so many memories attached to them … however, how exciting it must be to wear a floral item that you will create, inspired by the gorgeous Charlotte Olympia’s treasures : good luck ! XO


  7. In my favorite DIY moments, I draft the floorplans for closet expansion…


  8. I love your project dievca! As I haven’t got one of mine, I’ll just wait impatiently for photos of yours! xxx


  9. […] dievca mentioned that she was cleaning out her closets, eBaying items and limiting her purchases. (A DIY moment? Maybe….) Her amount of purchasing of clothing and accessories has diminished quite a bit this past year. […]



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