Master told dievca to go braless —

In the beginning, Master would tell dievca what to wear — but when He figured out that she loves fashion, He gave dievca free reign as long as the focus was dressing for Him. Now, Master rarely tells dievca what to wear because He likes to be surprised, but as a change of pace — Master commanded dievca to go braless.

This is a bit of a challenge, as dievca has a full Bust.  she decided to face the challenge full-on and wear one of her favorite semi-vintage lingerie pieces. A Cosabella Sheer Fishnet Thong Turtleneck Bodysuit.

Here is the gist of it:

Alexander Wang Do-It-Like-A-Boy-Kelsey-Van-Mook-Emma-Tempest-UK-Elle-September-2012

dievca’s piece is NOT the Alexander Wang Mesh/Fishnet Turtleneck.

But, dievca’s piece IS a green tighter weave fishnet Cosabella turtleneck thong bodysuit.
When she takes off her leather jacket she hopes the effect will be very similar to the photo above.

she couldn’t find a photo of her exact turtleneck, but here are some green fishnet samples to get you in the frame mind:

FishnetGreen lanvin-blue-and-green-fishnet-stitched-sweater- maison-martin-margiela-green-dark-green-fishnet-body- intimately-evergreen-fishnet-racer-back-bra-


  1. The weave on the fishnet tights is very similar to dievca’s turtleneck
  2. The color on this Lanvin Sweater is the color
  3. This is a bodysuit from Martin Margiela that dievca covets
  4. This is a bra from Free People that dievca covets

dievca’s planned outfit:

Akris Tulle Turtleneck Bodysuit golden-goose-deluxe-brand-black-belted-jacket-alexader-wang-black-pencil-skirtWolford thigh highs Azzedine Alaia Thigh High Boots Wedgealexis-bittar-gold-necklace-liquid-gold-thin-collar-Alexis Bittar


  1. This is an Akris Tulle turtleneck body suit, insert dievca’s Cosabella favorite instead
  2. Golden Goose belted black leather jacket
  3. Black knit skirt
  4. Wolford Stay-Up Tights
  5. Alaia Thigh High leather Boots
  6. Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Thin Collar

Depending upon where Master takes dievca, she will leave the jacket on closed or open, but if there is an opportunity, she will take the jacket off. (Look—her breasts are an asset and well-shaped. BTW, since 1992, it is legal for Women to bare their breasts for non-commercial activity in NY. No Laws broken. XO)

In her search for the Cosabella photo she did run across the information that Cosabella is celebrating 30 Years of Color.  Look for a future post about the brand!

And wish dievca luck going braless! She will be taking deep breaths to be BOLD!

29 Comments on “Master told dievca to go braless —”

  1. Wishing you boldness, I adore this outfit! xo


    • dievca says:

      Thank you. I was always was that one kid who was bold enough to get something done — as I get older (and more self-conscious about my looks) I try to remember that ‘confidence conquers all’ with Fashion. Deep breath, shoulders down, core tight, big smile!


  2. claudsramblings says:

    Brilliant idea for those blessed with bigger chests!


  3. Oh dievca I get the full picture! Girl, this is a lucky Master you’ve got there! xxx


  4. mel says:

    Oh, to be so brave!! You go girl!


  5. LittleBoPeep says:

    Bolder than I, but I love the look. You will cause your Master to inhale deeply if the jacket comes off. I wish you much success!


  6. Boldly braless and absolutely fabulous you’ll look ! XO


  7. esther says:

    i used to do stuff like that…then cancer happened. needless to say i wish i could still do that look. it’s stunningly sexy, and hip! i’d do pointy stilletto d’orsay pumps instead of the boots…an ode to it being spring! lol. Master is gonna get his mind blown. xxx


    • dievca says:

      I am sure you have a fabulous way to show your sexy! The boot are a favorite of Master’s and it is getting warmer, so I am trying to use them in the last moments of early Spring. It’s cooler in the evenings.


  8. jackiemallon says:

    I just hope Master shows enough restraint that he doesn’t try to enter through the little “windows” of the mesh (Men, eh?! There goes another expensive top) He must wait until Dievca invites him in through the door. But he may press his nose against the “glass” and look in 🙂


  9. You are a master in weaving in the fashion tidbits… Enjoy the reveal… xoxo


  10. Nice outfit… What I like about you is your class… Always Classy..

    Big Hugs!



    • dievca says:

      Thank you! I promise you there are some very interesting missteps, too. In fact, something about a leather underbust corset with a lace bra and bottoms.
      Uhhh, ‘ya know…..’leather and lace’?
      What a disaster.
      Good separates–just not together.. XO.


  11. hispetitelle says:

    Love that outfit! A fishnet turtleneck with a full bust is perfect.

    Hey, Chi-town, I’m watching Risky Business right now.


    • dievca says:

      Enjoy! Completely silly, cheesy and absolutely good fun! I know those kids — I grew up with them. What a mess, suburban cluelessness, me included — but it was a great childhood and the memories make me smile! XO


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