Let’s talk about Stockings….

Let's talk Stockings....

Villa D’este Lake Como Italy 1975 Helmut Newton

In modern usage, ‘stocking’ specifically refers to the form of women’s hosiery configured as two pieces, one for each leg (except for American and Australian English, where the term can also be a synonym for pantyhose). The term hold-ups and thigh-highs refers to stockings that stay up by the use of built-in elastic, while the word stockings is the general term or refers to the kind of stockings that need a suspender belt (garter belt, in American English), and are quite distinct from tights or pantyhose (American English).

Other terms used with stockings include:

Types of Legwear:

  • Hold-ups (British English) or Stay-ups: Stockings that are held up by sewn-in elasticized bands (quite often a wide lace top band). In the US they are called thigh-highs.
  • Thigh-Highs: Stockings that end somewhere in the mid-thigh.
  • Suspender belt (British English) or Garter belt (American English): a belt with straps to keep stockings (not hold-ups) on place: usually they have 4 straps, but may have also 6 or 8.
  • Garters: Are the least common means of support. A garter is slipped over the top of the stocking to hold the stocking by essentially clamping it to the leg.
  • Pantyhose: (called Tights in the United Kingdom and a few other countries) are sheer, close-fitting legwear covering the wearer’s body from the waist to the feet. In the United States – thicker pantyhose are called “tights”.

Type of Knit:

  • Denier: The lower the denier number the more sheer the garment. Stockings knitted with a higher denier tend to be less sheer but more durable.
  • Opaque: Stockings made of yarn which give them a heavier appearance. Usually 40 denier or greater.
  • Sheers: Stockings generally of a 15 to 20 denier.
  • Ultra sheer: A fine denier fiber which gives the greatest in sheerness. Usually 10 denier.
  • Matte: Stockings which have a dull or non-lustre finish.
  • Fishnet: Knitted stockings with a very wide open knit resembling fish scales, graphic and flattering.
  • Fencenet: Similar to fishnets, but with a much wider pattern. These are sometimes worn over another pair of stockings or pantyhose, such as matte or opaque, with a contrasting colour. Sometimes referred to as whalenets.

Type of Fashioning:

  • Full Fashioned: Fully fashioned stockings are knitted flat, the material is then cut and the two sides are then united by a seam up the back. Fully fashioned stockings were the most popular style until the 1960s.
  • Seamed: Stockings manufactured in the old Full-Fashioned way with a seam running up the back of the leg. In the past they were manufactured by cutting the fabric and then sewing it together. Today stockings are generally fully knitted and a fake or mock seam is added up the back for a particular fashion look. Some brands also produce seamed hold-ups.
  • Seamless: Stockings knit in one operation on circular machines (one continuous operation) so that no seaming is required up the back
  • Mock seam: A false seam sewn into the back of a seamless stocking.
  • Welt: A fabric knitted separately and machine-sewn to the top of a stocking. Knit in a heavier denier yarn and folded double to give strength for supporter fastening.

Type of Foot/Heel Fashioning:

  • Demi-toe: Stockings which have a reinforced toe with half the coverage on top as on the bottom. This results in a reinforcement that covers only the tip of the toes as opposed to the whole toe. These can be with or without a reinforced heel..
  • Open-toed: Stockings that stop at the base of the toe with a piece that goes between the first and second toes to hold them down. They can be worn with some open-toed shoes, especially to show off pedicured toes.
  • Sandalfoot: Stockings with a nude toe, meaning no heavier yarn in the toe than is in the leg. They are conceived to be worn with sandal or open-toe shoes.
  • Nude Heel: Stockings without reinforcement in the heel area.
  • Point heel: in a Fully Fashioned stocking it is a heel in which the reinforced part ends in a triangle shape.
  • Cuban heel: A stocking with a heel made with folded over and sewn reinforcement.
  • RHT: Abbreviation of reinforced heel and toe.

Styling of Pantyhose (Tights):

  • Control-top: pantyhose intended to boost a slimmer figure, has a reinforced panty. There may be visible panty lines when wearing high-cut skirts or shorts.
  • Sheer-to-waist: Pantyhose that is sheer throughout, with the panty part being the same thickness and color as the leg part, and are designed for use with high-slit gowns, miniskirts, hot pants, or lingerie. Often sheer-to-waist pantyhose will be reinforced along and on either side of the seam in the middle of the panty.
  • Open-crotch: sometimes known as crotchless pantyhose, do not have a gusset. Instead, there is an opening is in place for hygienic reasons or sexual-fetishism activities.


Stockings and Pantyhose in ALL forms are sexy — yes, even the control top (uhh, something like Bridget Jones Diary panties?). Whether you are wearing the Hold-ups, Crotchless or Seemed stockings— the hose will finish your look and make for an interesting opening process for your Sir or Madam.

BTW — all the different options allow dievca to offer more diversity for Master.
In the words of Martha Stewart: ‘It’s a good thing’. XO

34 Comments on “Let’s talk about Stockings….”

  1. cpmandara says:

    Ooh I learnt a few things here – great info. Stockings must be one of the most sensuous of undergarments – the tantalising allure of flesh above them… oh yummy!


    • dievca says:

      Stockings are gorgeous and as I move along with being Master’s submissive, I am learning the types (and brands) that work best for me. Hey,an idea for another dievca disasters post!


  2. Pelelotus says:

    Brilliant. Both informative and sexy (That Helmut Newton picture is super sexy) x


    • dievca says:

      Thank you — Master loves stockings, so I was trying to organize the types in my mind and on paper. I hoped that other people might be interested.


  3. What a comprehensively sexy lexicon ! XO


  4. The first picture is quite explicit but rather artistic : ) I like the year it was taken. The shoes and the stockings…and I wonder whether they manufacture the similar nowadays.


    • dievca says:

      Helmut Newton’s photography is amazing! Happy 1975 (birthday) to you?
      The stockings in the photo are classics and are readily available. The shoes are patent leather Mary Janes with a thicker heel (Read:more stable) — the style comes in and out of fashion, but I can imagine Prada, MiuMiu, Gucci or Martin Margiela (replica) doing a version.
      Whew! Got me going.


  5. esther says:

    stockings are very sexy…a job well done, dievca! xx


  6. I love the control top, especially when there’s nothing much to control! I find that somehow it just accentuates sexy curves!


    • dievca says:

      Thinking about it, I agree. There is such a smooth line if the waist isn’t bunching into extra. Much more elegant and sleek than Bridget Jones’s granny pants.


  7. theagingsub says:

    I don’t own a single pair. Can you believe that? Thanks for the information!


    • dievca says:

      You probably look gorgeous without and your Sir might not be that into stockings. My Master loves stockings….XO


      • theagingsub says:

        What a nice thing to say! Honestly, I’ve just never been very ‘girly’, mostly because I didn’t like the way I looked. I lost a lot and am buying new things, so I’ll give them a try. We don’t really know what he like on me, so I am rather excited to find out.

        I’m sure you look fabulous for your a Sir in whatever you’re wearing.


  8. BoPeep says:

    Ohhh thank you. I wear stockings almost every day. I see that I have to expand my repertoire. DMW buys the fishnets, but those are to be cut or ripped off. 😉


  9. hispetitelle says:

    Stocking are so, so sexy. Walking around in just stockings with a garter belt and heels while doing household chores = being thrown down and taken on the kitchen floor. I’m just saying.


  10. Anami Blog says:

    This post is brilliant, thanks for sharing, dievca! I am a weirdo when it comes to stocking, I do not feel comfortable wearing them at all, it feels like drowning, even though I have the right size of them. And when they turn on my legs, it is just soooo annoying! Although, I have to admit they feel sexy and look sexy. I am going to try the hold-ups (thanks for the description, I didnt even know their names) for my wedding day, so I guess I should start practicing at least a bit…


    • dievca says:

      Hi Anami, if you are looking at Hold-ups try “Philippe Matignon”. Their lace top “hold-ups” have three lines of elastic/silicone and seemed to stay up the best for me. If you get a suspender belt, the more hooks you have the more secure you feel.
      “What Katie Did” (I have a post), offers belts with more connections.
      Lots of Love!


      • Anami Blog says:

        Oh, thanks for the tip, dear dievca. I’ve been checking it out and there beautiful things by Philippe Matignon. Do you have any good tips I should consider when buying the hold ups? I’m really keen on the suspender belt as well, sound so erotic, now I want to try it!


      • dievca says:

        Buying Hold-Up? Trial and Error.
        Wearing Hold-Ups? No lotion on the tops of your legs and if the silicone doesn’t feel ‘tacky’ clean it with a little bit of alcohol to make sure their isn’t any soap/lotion on the “grippers”


  11. Will read this, slowly, want to pay attention, so saving it for this eve. Thanks for posting darling dievca says Ret in her silkiest on-line voice.


  12. Stockings has to be one of the sexiest things ever created. After the woman that is.

    Liked by 1 person

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