“dievca’s disasters”: what dievca wore to the Met



So, when Master told dievca that they were going to the Metropolitan Museum to view the Charles James exhibit –dievca’s mind started to whirl. What does one wear to view a designer’s collection that is spectacular and exclusive?

Wal-Mart, of course!

dievca couldn’t compete with the offerings, so she decided to give a nod to the 1950’s and wear a woven cotton Day Dress with cap sleeves and dropped waist.  It would be flattering and cool for a walk across the Park. Yes, it was Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart.  she added Master’s collar and a matching o-ring cuff, the Earl Valentine Tote (she found it in Japan!), her favorite Chloe black sunglasses and…….then she dithered on the shoes.  dievca was thinking to wear black ballet flats, but then she saw her new Swedish Hasbeens Peep-Toe Slingbacks in Navy…..they would pick-up the Navy in the tote~

Bad choice.

The dress looks much better on a person, than on a hanger. It flatters dievca’s cleavage and the skirt has movement.  The gold collar and cuff were just a hint of  BDSM jewelry — very subtle and Master was pleased to see the symbols of dievca’s submission. The tote was larger than Master thought and a super fun statement piece. Jackie O glasses are always a classic.


When you are walking across a park in the sun, on wooden soles and your feet are sweating — the feet slip forward and the heel strap of the slingback falls off.  You tighten the strap, but now your big toes are shoved into the front of the peep toe cutout section…..NOT GOOD.

dievca kept kicking her heels as she walked to shove her feet back, but that friction started to create blisters around her big toes.

she made it across the Park and through the exhibition, but had to ask Master to take a taxi back across the Park to DSW, so she could buy a pair of flip-flops to make it through dinner.

Teva black on black Olawahu flip flops

Teva ‘black on black’ Olawahu flip-flops

When dievca bought the flip-flops, she also bought slip guards for the Peep Toes and will be correcting the issue of sliding forward.  But, she is not going to wear those shoes until her toes heal….


That is what dievca gets for not breaking in the shoes, 1st.  Sigh, she knows better.

Another dievca disaster.

17 Comments on ““dievca’s disasters”: what dievca wore to the Met”

  1. I know all too well the pain of not wearing the shoes in before 1st wear. Never, ever EVER wear tango shoes to dance in without wearing them in AND dancing in them first… not doing so is both painful and humiliating. But sounds like you nailed the rest of the outfit!


    • dievca says:

      Believe it or not, I thought about the shoes before I wore them. They were very comfortable in the house, height is fine, etc. I just didn’t count on the sweat…as soon as that happened, I knew there was a problem~
      As for the outfit, Thank you. It may not be for everyone, but I felt chic. Master was happy to toss up my skirt.


  2. Pelelotus says:

    Hope your tootsies feel better x


  3. BoPeep says:

    Oh Dievca, this sounds like something I’d do! I hope your toes heal!!!


  4. Dievca, many can learn from this post and so much more than shoes/fashion, as is the case most days, yes? You felt it was a disaster but you were not afraid to correct the situation, be humble and count on your Sir for compassion and assistance. What a beautiful relationship you live. xo.


    • dievca says:

      You are generous. Many a sin can be covered over with a smile. Never let them see you sweat (or limp). In NYC, everything is relatively close-so you can fix a situations easily at Duane Reade, Ricky’s or a store. Just frustrating when you think you are covered and a little sweat messes you up.
      I agree, Master is a gem. He knows when I mention a problem, we need to fix the situation ASAP. It took about 15 minutes and the loss of a gorgeous walk back. But, the flip flops didn’t look too bad with the dress. 🙂


  5. esther says:

    with my skinny bony feet, i feel your pain dievca. with best intentions most of my shoes break my feet before i break in the shoes. even flip flops cause blisters somewhere 😦

    you handled the situation beautifully, and kudos to your Sir! nice save. xxx


    • dievca says:

      Thank you about the save. It was necessary for the enjoyment of dinner.
      Do you carry a spare pair of shoes/sandals in your gear when you have new shoes? For emergencies? Sounds like you should.


  6. jackiemallon says:

    The first shoes of summer are always a problem. Get Master to massage your feet.


    • dievca says:

      Master has massaged my feet when we ‘swtich’. Lovely! These were blisters that broke around the base of the toenails — no one was going near that area, but me. Just a good cleaning up and neosporin. XO


  7. hispetitelle says:

    Super cute shoes, but your poor tootsies! I feel your pain. Been there, but we all have. Coach used to be a professional model and used to do runway. Yes, even with a “dresser” it’s so easy to have a disaster. Usually for him it was slippery shoes and no one wants to trip on the runway. He kept athletic tape with him and would put it strategically on the bottoms and color it in with a Sharpie.


  8. Arggghhhhhhh! I hear your pain! xxx


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