Case in point: When dievca met Master for the first time~

When dievca took a look at her life, she realized that something important was missing.  Something that she craved and needed to learn about herself. Being a bit older and having gone around the block a few times, she decided to be very honest with herself and set out to find what she needed.

her list:

  • dievca needed balance.
  • dievca needed to be allowed to break out of her dominant mold and offer submission to someone.
  • she didn’t need to be just a humiliated object, she didn’t need to be taken care of ALL the time, she didn’t need pain.
  • dievca needed to give up control to someone she trusted completely and was strong enough to not be threatened by her strength.
  • dievca needed someone smarter than her, someone able to keep up and get ahead of her.
  • Someone who was willing to take on the challenge of a ‘strong submissive‘.
  • Someone whose personality was just Dominant.
  • Someone who would be able to handle if dievca determined that she was only dominant and wasn’t a submissive at all.
  • Someone who could accept dievca’s self-worth and respect it within the D/s dynamic.

dievca educated herself as best she could by reading, listening, watching and absorbing. Then she took the plunge to reach out directly to Dominants and learn more about them.  Her requirements included face-to-face meetings for conversations. dievca was not comfortable working long distance.

This led to a great deal of meetings in various places around the City: Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Cafés. Every meeting was scheduled during the daytime. Black was the color of choice. Black pants and tops, black dresses, black sweaters……the NYC uniform.  Sex was not the main topic of conversation: interests, compatibility, honesty and attraction came into play — dievca was blunt with her weaknesses and strengths, what she was looking for and what she felt she needed. Safety came first, at all times. A “sort-of match” wasn’t going to cut it.

The search took some time.

Master replied that he was interested in meeting with dievca. He suggested His Club as a meeting place.  He gave her the location, dress code and time. dievca decided to dress up a little more, due to the venue.

Shawlux Chicago adam-black-black-wool-shawl-collar-sleeveless-dress-product-1-4359919-628782791 Reed-Krakoff- Signature tote

Sergio Rossi Black Patent Leather Boots
















dievca hit the nail right on the head, clothing-wise.

And what was Master wearing? Typical Conservative Wear…a Brooks Brother Navy Blazer.

Brooks Brothers Navy Blazer Icon Ad

Master was interesting to speak with, very intelligent, exuded ‘Domness‘ without being an ass. He was 100% focussed on dievca, really listened to her and spoke about how they could relate to each other. Both Master and dievca determined that each other was “sane”. dievca was intrigued and more importantly, felt safe.

dievca had a few more meetings scheduled with other potential Doms, she told this to Master and went forward with the meetings at His suggestion.

But, a later movie “date” and coffee clinched the deal when dievca saw Master’s blue eyes looking into her Soul. She felt trust and was able to begin letting go of being in control~

To let go” is a beautiful feeling when it comes your way for the first time and any time afterwards.


27 Comments on “Case in point: When dievca met Master for the first time~”

  1. Rosa de los Vientos says:

    What an incredible experiment and experience Dievca, and the way you put it all into words is pretty clear and… balanced… I wish you a beautiful and safe time. A hug!

    • dievca says:

      Thank you, Rosa. Apparently, for all my preparation and keeping my “eyes wide open” — I got “Lucky”, too. A little Luck goes a long way. XO

  2. BoPeep says:

    Yes it is, to be able to look in and know you are safe if you give up control. Such a great look into your life dievca, and I know you don’t share much, but thank you 🙂

  3. Pelelotus says:

    What a lovely love story x

  4. mel says:

    Letting go is exactly what we seek, in our submission. I think it is exactly why so many dominant women crave submission. Thank you for sharing!!

    • dievca says:

      That was Master’s point when we talked about letting go — he mentioned that a lot of strong Women get frightened by their submission. Thinking it is wrong. I think you have to realize that you might be missing something and look for it, to accept submission inside of yourself.

  5. What a lovely gesture, a subtle little window to your world and relationship Dievca! Just beautiful – thank you! XO

  6. esther says:

    thank you so much for sharing, dievca. ❤

  7. jackiemallon says:

    Thanks for letting us in to the origin of it all. I felt the growing excitement of the experience
    Beats eh? xo

    • dievca says:

      You know — I haven’t had the regular online experience. I was in soul-searching mode with moving on and went in a certain direction like a heat-seeking missile. I give those online meetings all kudos, sometimes it is really tough to connect with people (especially when it seems that 25% of the City is in to similar sex pairings~)

  8. siciliansiren says:

    You are inspiring. I’d like to do something similar ….. I’ve started by creating my own list of what I want. Time to hold the line and not settle anymore! xo

    • dievca says:

      Good Luck and Good Faith! It’s hard to be patient and it’s hard work to meet so many people, but from my experiences – it does pan out. Sending strength.

  9. Reading that was like having a butterfly wing caress my cheek..just beautiful xxxxxx

  10. hispetitelle says:

    Now why in the world would you ever say this was boring? I love how you approached what you needed and wanted. I totally understand needing to give up control to someone you can completely trust. That’s the only way the dynamic really works, but the Dominant must be able to receive that control, and you found someone who could 🙂

    I’m so happy you found the Dom that is just right for you. Like Peep said, you don’t give us too much personal (and I’m totally cool with that), but when you give a little it puts a huge smile on my face. Big hugs and kisses XOXO

    • dievca says:

      Like I told Peep — I just feel like I am a simple, direct person. Boring. I don’t hang on Facebook for the same reason. I figure that people don’t really want to know what is going on in my silly life.

      This blog is my escape valve for D/s.

      Master calls me a “handful” and will say that I keep Him on His toes. Which is good since Variety is a requirement of His — Master has stated that He is never bored. We both give, we both take. It is equal, but opposite. XO

      • hispetitelle says:

        I’m on FB for the sole purpose of staying in touch with far away friends and relatives, but I really don’t want to know what breakfast cereal they eat. If you go to a fabulous restaurant, sure, tell me, but the mundane everyday life stuff you can keep.

        Variety is the spice of life.

  11. Kisses to you dievca. I am so happy for you. with Love, Ret

  12. […] Dom on FetLife, dievca met with 15+ potential Doms, face-to-face with ideas of her needs in hand (Case in point: When dievca met Master for the first time). she knew this was an important and potentially bad/dangerous decision and she wanted to make sure […]


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