Stealing from the Boys of Summer

  • Image of HITCH Crochet Raffia Fedora
  • Image of HITCH Crochet Raffia Fedora
  • Image of HITCH Crochet Raffia Fedora

Natural crochet raffia fedora with latex trim.
Available with yellow, red, green, or black (not pictured), latex tubing. $113.00
For dievca, for Master, for Summer Sexiness

Brooklyn based milliner, Tracy Watts creates handmade and unique designs for both men and women. Since her emergence in 1993, she has stayed true to the craft and the intricate details that set her hats apart from all the rest. Each finishing touch is all done by hand and vintage machinery through artisanal methods. Utilizing both traditional cut and sew and hand blocking methods, her hats are sought after around the world from New York and Paris to Tokyo

Tracy Peace Sign

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22 Comments on “Stealing from the Boys of Summer”

  1. mel says:

    Those. Hats. Are. Awesome!!


  2. Very nice! She has a hat for everyone and everywhere – even Brussels. Her transparent slick rain hat is exactly what we need!


  3. Pelelotus says:

    Some lovely pieces


  4. hispetitelle says:

    Nice modern take of the classic fedora. Raffia and rubber tubing? How unique!

    I have a wide brimmed raffia hat that I wear at the pool.


  5. esther says:

    i could wear that! (i’m not a hat person) xx


  6. jackiemallon says:

    It’s that little touch of latex that spoke to you, Miss D, don’t lie 🙂


  7. BoPeep says:

    Twist your hair up underneath it and off you go. I am not a hat person, do not have the panache to carry it off, but I salute those who do!


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