dievca’s ‘Sex In The City’ moment – Elfje

Bike in the Rain

Thunderstorm Stops
Mad Dash Home
Taxi Hits A Puddle


♥ VIDEO: Sex In The City – Opening Credits 

Sex In The City - Carrie gets splashed



17 Comments on “dievca’s ‘Sex In The City’ moment – Elfje”

  1. Oh! But, I know dievca, didn’t you wish you had worn something white and floaty, and that He had come along, albeit a tad late, with the umbrella to rescue you, but then,just threw it in the road and took you there in his arms and kissed you full on the mouth, right there in rain?
    I thought so.


  2. Enjoy : you’ve experienced, for real, a true iconic moment ! It has brought lots of love to Carrie Bradshaw (and only a little bit of trouble) XD


  3. hispetitelle says:

    Oh no! Glad you were almost home. Still a lot of pot hole on the West Side Higway I bet.


    • dievca says:

      It was the angle of the road causing the water to pool, too much rain in a small amount of time for the drains to work. The water sprayed all over the bike path…and me.
      The city has been working on the pot holes — it is a never ending saga~


  4. esther says:

    oh that sucks! sometimes you see it coming but there is too much crowd behind you and can’t jump back 😦 old nyc girl am i. xxx


  5. jackiemallon says:

    I’m sure you looked every bit as glamourous. Hope Master was there to towel you dry xo


  6. Hehehe not only in Brussels! I hear ya dievca! xo


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