Gorgeous Ethics: Mary Green Lingerie


Mary Green Silk Satin Burnout Gown Red

1940’s Satin Burnout Gown

“She is the queen of lingerie”  VANITY FAIR ITALY

Mary Green:
Lingerie Conquers All

dievca has two of the 1940’s Burnout Satin Gowns with beading (Peach and Pale Blue) and one Burnout Satin Cheongsam Gown (Black).

The gowns are cut on the bias for a fabulous fit.

The 40’s Gown was featured on Oprah’s “O” List.

dievca can attest to the beauty, glamour, and comfort offered by Mary Green Lingerie. Keep an eye out for the brand — your Sir will be struck silent by your classic beauty and your efforts to source presentation clothing, ethically.

Plus, the gowns are fun to dance in. XO


“Mary Green is a visionary of ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship, a creative and compassionate strategy that other American business leaders might find rewarding, encompassing both good humanism and good business….along with her design skills, her commitment to creating better lives for people living in the shadow of poverty and deprivation throughout the third world. Mary Green’s signature is adapting and uniting the unique artistic skills of workers in various countries with their innate entrepreneurship. By doing so she has created stable business communities that have emerged to produce her exceptional fashion designs. It is her creative humanism that truly makes her a woman of vision.”

 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi,
in The House of Representatives 
The Congressional Record, June 20, 2008

Article from SFGate:  Mary Green keeps low profile with lingerie company

Mary Green cheongsam black satin burnoutMary Green has taken her love of both international travel and cultures and people of the world, and, with her great sense of style and design, has created an internationally recognized lingerie firm. The firm specializes in silk undergarments combining the beauty of the finest Chinese silk with the creativity and design sense that has always been her hallmark.

The Mary Green/Mansilk designs have become a wardrobe staple for some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces including Renee Zellweger, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson. They are often featured on the top stars and starlets in films and leading television shows. The luxurious undergarments are displayed repeatedly in top fashion magazines around the world including InStyle, Vogue, Glamour, W, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Self, Essence, Marie Claire, Redbook, Allure and Lucky. Mary Green’s designs have also made their way to the O List, Oprah Winfrey’s personal recommendation of a product, considered the country’s most coveted and sought-after magazine placement.



15 Comments on “Gorgeous Ethics: Mary Green Lingerie”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Both wonderful, Cheongsam is my favourite x


  2. Lovely! dievca- now can you point me to some online sources for stockings and such? Thank you, my lingerie loving friend. xo


  3. BoPeep says:

    Ohhh I love the Mary Green. Creme Brûlée of lingerie. There was a boutique downtown that carried her line. The black silk Georgette 40’s gown is dreamy too. psssst Ret… Check online at http://www.marygreen.com 🙂


  4. esther says:

    Ooooo, the black one! xx


  5. I’ll start sounding like a broken record (remember these?…) but I’d positively wear this lingerie as dresses! Wow!


    • dievca says:

      I just wore the peach 1940’s gown — it is a bit see-thru. If you had a nude slip, it would be fantastic. Hmmm, that might be something for the black cheongsam. Black or nude slip.
      And….you can never mention lingerie as dresses too often!


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