Summer Picnic

Daisy shadows on a back

dievca drifted away dreaming of a Summer Picnic. Something delightful, involving nakedness, food and lounging. Then reality crept in…the damp or dusty ground, how to carry food and drink around the city on bikes — where to go to find some peace from the crowds. Logistics.

Some solutions:

Picnic at Ascot backpackPicnic at Ascot backpack houndstooth

The Picnic-At-Ascot Backpack would be wonderful for carrying food and drink.

The pack has a blanket, but not one that has plastic on one side and fabric on the other to cut the damp.

JJ Cole picnic-blanket- Insulated fold-up picnic blanket eBay cheap-font-b-picnic-b-font-font-b-blankets-b-font-Outdoor-muxincamp-velvet-thickening-beach Picnic Time Siesta Blanket 231536_Solera_Picnic_Blanket_Medallion_in_Turquoise_ Tuffo Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket with Carrying Case pendleton-roll-up-blanket-xl with backing Camco-Picnic-Blanket Amazon

The Blankets come from a variety of brands: Solera, Tuffo, Pendleton, Camco, Etc.

If you search Picnic At Ascot on Google — the backpacks run from $70 – $140.
If you search picnic blanket waterproof on Google — the blankets run from $15 – $65.

And somewhere to go around the City?

dievca and Master rode down the Hudson River Greenway to Nelson A. Rockefeller Park
Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Bike Map

Some other suggestions:

Time Out NY: Best Picnic Spots in NYC

Not quite the naked debauchery that dievca dreamed of for the day, but still a gorgeous debauchery.

11 Comments on “Summer Picnic”

  1. esther says:

    i tend to like indoor picnics as i’m not too fond of bugs and such…but it is fun to eat in the park. i used to do that when i worked in the city, bought lunch from street vendor and off to the local park (along with everyone else). i can’t get romantic being dive-bombed by wasps and bees. xxx


    • dievca says:

      As a good Midwestern Girl – bugs, grass, heat, mud, etc. don’t bother me, at all — it is Master that I worry about. He blows up with bug bites (allergies), but is still game to go on a picnic. Typical Dominant. 🙂


  2. I’m always drawn to kits like this…So convenient to have, to pack carefully, to carry on a hike while holding hands, to a peak above the city, where the blanket will call us to stretch, to move over each other at catch a kiss while face to face…we will feign discomfort to allow a re-position which will allow him to brush against my breast, accidentally, and I will slip off my shoes so I can feel his shin from arch of foot over ankle, to my own, and he will remove the stone that is bumping up under my lower back and I will raise my hips to allow him to provide this comfort and we will settle in, feed each other strawberries and learn to sip wine while reclined and my berry-stained lips will brush across his ear and i will whisper my appreciation of his chivalry and my heart will inhale the sweet scent of his care.

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  3. jackiemallon says:

    What a pair pf permanently chic picnicking daytrippers! X


  4. hispetitelle says:

    We use a thick quilt and put a tarp under it.

    I can direct you an hour north for some private picnic debauchery.


  5. Nice tips for fully dressed picnics, thanks! Hope you find your naked debauchery dream place too!


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