A “Little Something” and a little bit more…JimmyJane vibrators

dievca has been a fan of the elegance that JimmyJane vibrators offer to their clients.

JimmyJane is a privately held company in San Francisco, California that produces high-end, design-oriented sexual accessories including vibrators and sex toys. Ethan Imboden, the company’s founder and creative director, launched the company in 2003.

A very simple and beautiful vibrator is the JimmyJane “Little Something”.  Yes, it is low-key – gentle – elegant, but Master has found it to be very versatile, hardy and work horse for play in the bedroom, shower, closet, kitchen, etc.


Award Winner – Women’s Health Best in Bed Award
Unique Detailing Available – Enigmatic skulls, butterflies, characters, encrusted with diamonds
Quiet – Strong-yet-silent vibrations
Versatile – Internal, G-spot, clitoral, nipple and anal stimulation
Patented Replaceable Motor – No vibrator burnout
Body-Safe – Medical-grade anodized aluminum, platinum
Waterproof – Bath-friendly and completely washable
Travel-Ready – Compact with removable battery and motor
Battery Included – One AA
Dimensions – 5.25″ x 0.67″
Three Year Limited Warranty – A commitment to quality

Little Something ultimatemembers_01

Something that is not needed but would be a complete luxury is the Little Platinum Eternity.

Jimmy Jane Platinum Diamond Vibrator

Platinum Vibrator Encrusted with Diamonds – $3,500

It’s the difference between buying Fine Jewelry and Costume Jewelry.

JimmyJane: How To Choose A Vibrator

vibrator-study funny

9 Comments on “A “Little Something” and a little bit more…JimmyJane vibrators”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Fab vibrators. Problem with platinum ‘toys’ is that they are so pricey. You could not ‘enjoy them without feeling guilty.


  2. jackiemallon says:

    They look like little tampax cases. Clever disguise 🙂


  3. esther says:

    i want the platinum one with the diamonds! xx


  4. hispetitelle says:

    I’m in the market for a new vibrator. Is the motor powerful enough?


    • dievca says:

      This one is quiet and gentle. Only one setting. If you keep things on an even keel for me — I run continuously. (Master finds this entertaining) Too hard I shut down.

      There is a link on this post that talks about more Jimmy Jane vibrators. You might be more interested in the Form 2 (I LOVE that one) or Iconic Smoothie.

      Their Form 4 and Form 6 are the most powerful. XO


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