Falling In Love Again: Coach A/W 2014

Coach Raglan Duffle CoatCoach Vintage Ad - A 1982 Coach ad campaign focused on the brand's iconic leather with brass hardware.


dievca did the 80’s look the first time around. Preppy. Izod/Lacoste Collared Shirts. Ralph Lauren Sweaters and Button Down Shirts with the Polo Pony Logo. Coach Bags.

The Coach Leatherware Catalog would arrive with a black and white drawing or photo of a number of styles and you would choose the style # and then chose one of the colors offered. Full Price. No Discounts – ever.
Not sold in Stores.

dievca’s first Coach bag in 8th Grade:

Coach Vintage British Tan CrossbodyCoach Ergo Large Black Patent Leather BagTimes changes, purses are used so much they break their straps,  products change, companies grow larger. dievca has no interest in Logos, Optical “C” and bags that everyone else owns… Her collection of Coach bags is mostly vintage from her Mother, a couple of wristlets and one Black Patent Leather Ergo Bag bought at Macy’s.

So, visiting a Coach Store is not normally on the agenda for dievca.

Until now~

dievca is in love….

Enter Stuart Vevers, new Creative Director for Coach.
dievca has fallen in love with a number of items from his first collection for Coach:

Coach Woolhoundstooth Parka 2014

Coach Workwear Tatum Tall Tote 2014

Coach Leather Fireman Coat 2014

Coach Mohair Funnel Neck Sweater Red 2014

Coach houdstooth Round Hem Twill Skirt

Coach Labelle Bootie 2014

Coach Wool Trench Coat Black 2014

Coach Apollo Sweater 2014

Coach Grommet round hem Skirt 2014


Coach Reversible MA-1 Jacket 2014

Coach Leather Fringe Gloves

Coach Wool Work Wear Skirt Red 2014

Coach Short Roper Boot Black 2014

Coach Duffle Coat Black 2014

Coach Rhyder Messenger Bag in Shearling

Coach Black Shearling Mittens


dievca can imagine these pieces cruising around the City – used and loved.  Looking adorable and fuzzy for Master. Walking across the Park to the Met, stopping to throw snowballs, warming up with hot coffee, stripping down to some excellent lingerie. Innocence on the outside, slut underneath. Toasty all the way through.

Wall Street Journal Photo Article about Coach Iconic Bags

Funding Universe: History of Coach Leather Goods

14 Comments on “Falling In Love Again: Coach A/W 2014”

  1. hispetitelle says:

    The toggles on the coats are wonderful. I wore a wool peacoat in HS and I had a green corduroy coat with toggles and a hood.

    I have 2 vintage Coach bags and they have held up better than any other bags I’ve ever had. My newer Coach tote died on me a couple of weeks ago (zipper broke). I love the saddle leather of my old Coach. I’ll send you pics. The only other bag that holds up well is my nylon Prada messenger bag. I’m super tough on everyday bags.


    • dievca says:

      The Funding Universe Article talks about the changes in manufacturing for the Coach Bags – there is a reason why they break now….both links are fun.
      Your coat sound Fabulous! I had a Forest Green Hooded Wool coat that I bought right out of College — I loved it to death. 🙂


  2. Pelelotus says:

    Like a present of naughtiness waiting to be unwrapped!


  3. BoPeep says:

    Ohhhh, love my coach bags! Hmmm the red skirt, black boots and black pea with toggles is catching my eye too, black leggings? I’ve never been brave enough to go for this look.


    • dievca says:

      I can see this on you! Black leggings or tights with the skirt and boots. Your height could carry that Leather Pea Coat well — I think that I would be overwhelmed, but I love it!
      For me, I’m loving the red turtle neck sweater with black skirt, tights and boots –checked coat, shearling mittens. All the better to make snowballs with~


  4. esther says:

    i love 13 of these photos! never did coach, now i have one…my cousin was getting rid of several in her collection 🙂 toggle coats and bombers, yum. xx


    • dievca says:

      13 out of 18 pieces isn’t too bad! I was looking at the prices for some of the items and it really adds up. I may pick and choose one or two key items — or do “The Look For Less” 🙂
      The clothes are available for viewing at the Madison Avenue Store only. I may have trot over there and take a look this week. XO


  5. Anami Blog says:

    Red is not my colour, but that tote bag is stunning, plus I love the gloves with fringes.
    Anami, xx


    • dievca says:

      I agree the fringe is fantastic! I’m secretly in love with the shearling mittens….I revert to being 4 years old whenever I wear mittens. It’s lovely.


  6. I have a secret love for duffel coats.. xxx


    • dievca says:

      Honestly, I remembered that you loved them!
      A fun selection coming out from Coach. I loved the red one, but Master thought with all the toggles, clips, leather pockets, etc.- it looked busy. We agreed that the red houndstooth is pretty cool and had cleaner lines. I’m planning on wandering over to Madison Ave to see the offerings (it’s the only store that has them in NYC). 😀


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