Morning Moon

May I rest my head upon your shoulder
to watch the Waning Moon face the Dawn

Absorbing solace from the Night
to greet the Day

Photo Source: Inga’s Angle: Inga Sarda-Sorensen WP Site – gorgeous photos of NYC

9 Comments on “Morning Moon”

  1. mel says:

    Beautiful. I love watching the moon set almost as much as the sun!


  2. Allison says:

    LOVE this, d. I have a thing for the moon, too. 🙂 XO


  3. jackiemallon says:

    This was last night? Missed it 😦 Almost went for a run along East Side too. Love those technicolor cityscapes that NYC produces so spontaneously. XO


    • dievca says:

      The photo is from another morning — but I saw an excellent moon drop a couple of mornings ago on the way to work. Spectacular.
      The sunsets have been pretty technicolor, too.


  4. esther says:

    i’m a gemini/cancer moon child…love moon. a little moon music?


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