Hunting for a Winter Coat

dievca hasn’t bought a Winter Coat for a long time.
she has all the classics covered,
so she is looking to add some color to her current options.
How about this?

Diane von Furstenberg Fur Finale Coat Matches Diane von Furstenberg Fur Finale CoatDiane-von-Furstenberg-Fur-Finale-CoatDiane von Furstenberg Fur Finale Coat Close Up Diane von Furstenberg Fur Finale Coat Runway

Diane von Furstenberg Fur Coat
from the Finale of the 2014-2015 A/W Show

Matches Fashion: DVF Fur Coat $3500

18 Comments on “Hunting for a Winter Coat”

  1. mel says:

    Love love love love love! ❤

  2. Anami Blog says:

    Wow, this is really something, out of my comfort zone, but still loving it!
    Thanks for your comment, and feel free to leave an actual link to your post with your comment, I really don’t mind it coming from you 🙂
    Anami, xx

    • dievca says:

      Tomorrow — I’ll mention what I really ended up purchasing. (much less than $3500)
      Would love some input! I can return…
      Thank you for mentioning the link. XO

  3. Striking colours indeed though a wee bit garish for my tastes.



    • dievca says:

      Thank you for stopping by the blog.
      In NYC – sea of black, sometimes you just have to have a POP! of color.
      But, it is not for everyone — perhaps the coat is a “Man Repeller” piece.
      (referring to Leandra Medine’s blog of the same name)

  4. hispetitelle says:

    I love all the colors, and you’re right, in a sea of black, color is most definitely needed. I think both those models do not do the coats justice. You need to have wild, curly hair and a Boho kind of look to pull off that coat. Must wear killer boots with it!!! 🙂 Those models are too mousy IMHO, but you would would make that coat sizzle. I am more partial to the vertical pattern of the DFV, but I think the inconsistent horizontal pattern can work for those of us who are height challenged. It reminds me of the horizontal pattern of the dress I wore to the Fetish Ball.

    • dievca says:

      Hmmm, I am thinking about the vertical vs. horizontal pattern. I think I like the horizontal better because you see the color more. With the vertical it looks to get lost (this is one to try on and compare if you can find the vertical coat….).
      You are right, I wouldn’t style it in the same way, but I found the matching of the coat with super preppy, very interesting. Kind of unexpected and weird.
      It’s good to be unexpected and weird, right?
      (Not enough for me to purchase navy pleated pants, a red Irish sweater and grey turtleneck – 80’s flashback!)

  5. esther says:

    no, no, no, no, no! i love you d, but…no. xxx

  6. I love the colors. Can wear it with ANYTHING! But, I don’t love the biblical imagery it immediately pulls to mind. Not for me. Not for me. But then, this blog is for you! This blog is For YOU! Go for it… or a knockoff version– 3500.00…oh, my.

  7. BoPeep says:

    Love it in horizontal actually, but it hangs on the models. The photo makes it look much more fitted. I don’t think it works with the retro 80’s look. Short skirt and boots, yes. I would LOVE to see this on my next trip to the City! I too missed the biblical reference, LOL.

    • dievca says:

      As I re-looked at the photos of coat, I realized that if this is extra thick fabric — it would not be a good choice for me. Too curvy. I would stray into “Stay-Puft” marshmallow territory. If this is a fur knit — better, it would move with me and not add puff.
      Fun for conversation, though. 🙂

  8. Nope, No, No, No… too fury, too stripey (so glad you went for the Coach one). xoxoxo

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