Saturday: FIT Museum and a Sex Shop visit

Sex Shop Sexy Girl Toys Bar NEW Neon Light Signdievca had a burning desire to wander around a sex shop with Master. He wasn’t so keen on the idea…

dievca had clean, informative and dynamic in her mind.
Master had dark, dirty and seedy in His mind.

So, when dievca was assigned to plan their Saturday afternoon date – she chose the FIT Museum to see the Dance & Fashion Exhibition and a Sex Shop.

dievca had seen the Exposed: History of Lingerie with a friend, but the Museum closed before they could visit more exhibits. The Lingerie Exhibition was poorly organized, but it had some neat items and it was free. The Dance Exhibition looked like it had more sponsorship, so dievca was hoping that it would be better curated. Plus, dievca knew that Master had dated a number of ballet and modern dancers in His past life, so she thought He would enjoy the exhibit.

The sex shop field trip was planned for after the visit to FIT.
Here is the information dievca sent to Master.

Sex Shop Options:
57th between 6th and 7th:. Eve’s Garden (Women’s Toys) — clean and nice

20th between 7th and 8th: Purple Passion (Sex Fetish shop, latex – not really toys….) — looks a bit dodgy.

27th at 5th: Museum of Sex (they have an online shop – I’ll call to see if they have a shop we can visit) — looks like nicer items online.

Mercer Street in SoHo: Babeland is the one that would be best (clean, bright, matter of fact) but that is in SoHo — a special trip.

***Master chose the Babeland option, probably while rolling His eyes.***

Saturday, arrived and dievca had straightened hair in a low ponytail, natural make-up, and a navy blue bra.


Master arrived in:

Master and dievca met at the FIT Museum to be amazed by the fabulous Dance costumes/Couture Clothing and how badly curated the exhibition is…there is no real rhyme or reason to the set-up. Perhaps it is set-up like that, so you are drawn to what you like and ignore the rest. Or maybe the organizers want the FIT students to make their own categorical decisions for the items. Whatever, so far the FIT exhibitions have not been not easy to follow.

The crisp weather allowed for a delightful walk along 28th, through the Flower District, to take to the N, R subway line. A downtown train took dievca and Master to the Canal Street Station, where they walked up to Babeland.

Behold a clean and well-organized sex shop! The staff waited until you asked a question and there were a variety of  items are offered sale: Vibrators, Dildos, Lube, BDSM play items, Videos, Books. It took us about 15 minutes to peruse the items for sale and Master thought they could offer more items. dievca felt very comfortable asking about vibrators and the salesperson was quite knowledgeable. Thank Goodness she was there to help because dievca couldn’t figure out how to get some of the items to turn off… (You would be playing with the buttons, too, right?)

An informative and lively discussion about toys ensued which ended with dievca buying a new vibrator to replace two that died.

dievca didn’t really think about it nor did she notice it, but Babeland (she should have known from the name) is heavily staffed by young, adorable Lesbians and one Gay Gentleman. Master commented on it immediately. Master also noticed that there were about 20 customers in the store and only two of them were male (Himself, included).

dievca was so focused on replacing her vibrators and trying to get the damn things to turn off, she didn’t notice anything else.

A big decision, you know, to buy the right vibrator….especially when you are considering 6 of them all at once.
Choices, Choices, Choices!

Iroha Fit Mika Yellow

Iroha Fit Mika Yellow

dievca ended up with this Iroha Fit. It’s silicone and slightly padded (soft), it bends with applying pressure and the tip has some give, the tapered shape allows for a gentle entrance to give a nice “build-up”. The padding offers extra movement and a more “real” feel for squeezing. Nice.

Verdict on the Date? A success. (Thank Goodness)
It was interesting to see the FIT items and the poor exhibition planning, gorgeous walk and the Sex Shop was the highlight.

Roast chicken and veg for dinner, plus an excellent wine (2012 NADIA Quattro) — while the vibrator charged and then Master started playing with His dievca (Yes, we called it the banana).

17 Comments on “Saturday: FIT Museum and a Sex Shop visit”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    A near perfect day. Kudos on the glasses! Sometimes the choice of vibrators is overwhelming…. Master knows how to dress, leather gloves are erotic.


    • dievca says:

      The vibrator selection was a bit overwhelming (Mainly when I manage to get three going and I could not get them turned off…) Turns out we made an excellent choice for myself and more importantly, Master. The banana offers a partner variety of position and a delicate touch.
      M.’s dressing? Masculine, clean and neat — not super fancy, but it suits him well.


  2. Fun date. I’m full of laughter at the button talk…it’s stressful to be in the planful, leadership role on a date! Most men are typically in the position to seek, find, and then make magical any number of adventures. It’s a J.O.B!


  3. BoPeep says:

    Ahhhh thank you once again for doing the leg work for us! I accompanied DMW to the City (financial district…) last week but we walked up Broadway to our way to a late lunch. We stopped in at the Museum of Sex. Bright, clean, plenty of toys ( Stronic pulsator….yes!). The exhibit downstairs was the History of Animal Sex, which didn’t tug at us, so we browsed around the gift shop a bit. Fun, but nothing too racy. The date sounds fun and you were casually chic as always!


    • dievca says:

      You are very welcome and Thank You for the info on the Museum of Sex. That offering was shot down early and now, I am no longer curious. We did have a good time and a great deal of fun from the purchase. A favorite, in fact. XO

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Allison says:

    A lovely date! Inspires me actually . . . 😉 XO


  5. esther says:

    (giggles) i knew that banana would be ap-peeling! how bright and sunny. one of the things that i wish you would include when you do a run down of the clothing would be which fragrance(s) are worn. it completes the picture. i found that i was longing for a scent whilst looking at Master’s warbrobe. odd? glad a good time was had by all! xxx


    • dievca says:

      Oh, Lord — that was baaad… 😀
      I am going to disappoint you. M doesn’t use any scent (sensitive skin) and the scents I use come from soaps and lotions – verbena and lemon, mostly.
      I always tell M. , “You smell like you.”
      It’s his skin scent that I love — I would know his scent anywhere.
      I’m not too sure what he thinks of my scent. I’ve worn perfumes a couple of times, but nothing that has incited a comment. (Calyx and L’Occitane Lemon Verbena) I’m usually just running from A to B, and happy to be clean and crisp as it is the most easily achieved.


  6. Pity about the FIT exhibition but you had lots of fun at the sex shop and later… Delicious! 🙂 xxx


    • dievca says:

      The pieces at FIT were beautiful, it just was a bit of a random set-up. I was just drawn to pieces that caught my eye and imagination — not the lay out or story. The sex shop was deliciously fun. XO


  7. zaychishka says:

    Oh nice the hat is by Talula, it looks pretty city cool for the fall & winter.
    I’m also laughing at the name Babeland..and how it must feel to say the names of these sex listing them out loud..would be kinda funny and offer a lot of fun.
    I also agree with you, with touching every button and trying to get things to shut off… but as long as it hasn’t wriggled away across the floor then it’s a good day with sex tech!
    & that’s good that Babeland is clean and bright inside!
    Sex shops do have a rap for being dark, and shady.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. […] Master and dievca made their pilgrimage to Babeland , dievca didn’t realize the store kept a Vintage Vibrator Museum.  No sign of it in the […]


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