Decision Made

Rainy morning.
Looking out onto the traffic of the tunnel, shiny pavement glistening under the head lights.

My eyes widen in delight as the mist kisses my face. 
Buildings wreathed in fog, traffic muffled and the river shrouded in mystery.

Taxis will be swamped, walking affords the same wetness as riding.
Riding is faster, decision made.

rainy morning

Rain on the Hudson

15 Comments on “Decision Made”

  1. mrmodigliani says:

    I think I prefer snow


  2. esther says:

    snow is nicer than freezing drizzle. today i’ll be walking…feh 😦 xx


  3. i enjoy riding 😉 Grey skies are lifting, i can feel it through my intravenous coffee-line… enjoy your travel in today…you are a brave one!

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  4. hispetitelle says:

    Sometimes it’s good to get out in the elements. It clear your head.


  5. BoPeep says:

    I love riding and I miss it.


  6. jackiemallon says:

    What are you riding? I CItibiked today but not yesterday…


    • dievca says:

      This was Tuesday — I have a hybrid bike. The rain was brutal in the morning along with the wind (it rained into the pockets of my rain slicker). The afternoon trek was better. Yesterday, I had to walk. 🙂


  7. I probably have missed something somewhere, but is public transport not an option? Seems to me sort of dryer, non?


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