Boxing Day?!?!?

Ladies BoxingCan someone explain what Boxing Day means to dievca?
she thinks she got it wrong….


17 Comments on “Boxing Day?!?!?”

  1. Looks about right for our family LOL

  2. BoPeep says:

    Lol, really dievca? Seat your help at the table and serve them wonderful food and drink to show them how much you appreciate their servitude. Give them a token gift before you shoo them back downstairs. It’s really quite simple dear.

    • dievca says:

      I had heard rumors, but I won’t let anyone usurp my position as Master’s servant — so we only utilized day help, bi-weekly. XO

      • BoPeep says:

        Ahhhh…. I don’t think you could ever be usurped, but hmmm a presentation outfit and a bit of roleplaying might make for a non traditional but very exciting Boxing Day!

  3. Laura Lynn says:

    Well, traditionally that is entirely correct. These days Boxing Day is the day you go out to see your friends that you didn’t see on Christmas day, drink all their leftover booze, eat all their leftover food, and then go to the stores to return the sweater with the too short sleeves and buy discounted Christmas wrap.

    • dievca says:

      Oh, I don’t want the sweater with the too short arms and returning it sounds much more appealing after drinking the left over booze. Perhaps, one of those random treasured servants can drive me to the mall in my inebriated state. 😀

      Laura, so lovely to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by — I have been thinking of you and am sending a hug for the Holidays. Let’s watch a little hockey when the Winter Classic appears. I am also hanging with a family member who is dealing with a brain tumor/radiation and doing well. Two strong, beautiful people that I have been honored to meet and enjoy. Thank you. XO

  4. Lol…aww yes, could this be the ladies of Downton Abbey duking it out at the gym?!!
    Burning off Christmas calories while Carson and others are celebrating day off…
    enjoying the much awaited Crawley ‘Christmas Boxes’ at home with family!
    Delightful post ♥

  5. BoPeep says:

    Brilliant, so we’re doing right then!

  6. mrmodigliani says:

    I am going to look up this holiday. I know so very little about it

    • dievca says:

      I think the true origin is as Peep describes it. XO Paying and honoring the servants 🙂 You know that present of a pair of shoes every week from net-a-porter would be beyond exquisite to show this submissive that she is honored. 😀

  7. I think that may be the Boxing Day sales!
    Our Boxing Day is pretty much as Laura Lynn describes!


    • dievca says:

      XO — duking it out for that cashmere sweater that you couldn’t even sniff at before Christmas? Got it. I could use that cocktail before I brave the events. A little liquid courage to get me to become even more bold! 😀

  8. […] you survive? Family and Friends? Gifts? Food and Drink? Are you attacking Boxing Day? dievca isn’t. she’s […]


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