The Quest for Black Boots

Extensor tendinitis – inflammation of the tendons on the top of the foot, usually midway along the foot.

Something that developed for dievca after the 4 daagse: Four Days Marches years ago and affects how high or how low heels dievca can wear. It just depends upon the foot angle and the amount of wearing time. 

Years ago, dievca coveted the Rag & Bone Newbury Boots in black.  she bought a pair and was in absolute hell wearing them for 30 minutes, though they looked great!
SOLD! on eBay.

Then dievca saw someone on the street with the Rag & Bone Harrow Boots and thought the heel would be better, but when she went to try them on in the store – No Go.



For Thanksgiving, dievca wanted the KG By Kurt Geiger Spark Chunky Sole Heeled Ankle Boots:

KG By Kurt Geiger Spark Chunky Sole Heeled Ankle Boots

But decided not to buy them because her Illex Kini Dancer Boots looked great with the Leather Culottes:

Illex Kinni Dancer


The Dancer boots are good for occasions, but not a heavy day of walking. So, for the past few years, dievca has gotten by with her Durango Harness Boots (9 years old) and Rag & Bone Moto Boots (4 years old):


Durango Boot 11 inch Harness Crossroads Boots Womens Rag and Bone Moto Boots

Both pairs of boots are great for walking and have a certain look, but dievca was still keeping her eye out for everyday black boots with a higher heel.

she FOUND them!

acne-studios-black-short-crackle-pistol-boot-product- acne-studios-black-short-crackle-pistol-boot-product-side acne-studios-black-short-crackle-pistol-boot-product-top view acne-studios-black-short-crackle-pistol-boot-product-back acne-studios-black-short-crackle-pistol-boot-product-close up acne black pistol boot theory-black-riviera-casterly-draped-coat-body

The ACNE Studios Crackled Leather Pistol Boot.

In a distressed patent leather with a heel that is lower than the Newberry, but higher than a motorcycle boot– comfort and style has been found!

(Hmmm, we didn’t touch on OTK or Thigh-Hi black boots….something for another day.)

24 Comments on “The Quest for Black Boots”

  1. Love your choice, but then that is coming from someone who LOVES boots.

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  2. Pelelotus says:

    Pity about your tendons, hope you find plenty of boots that suit your need and are still chic.


  3. Boot envy…how about that fringe zipper pulllllll…Excellent choice. Muah- Ret


  4. esther says:

    nice boots! gotta be comfortable…if the tootsies hurt, so goes the rest. xx

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    • dievca says:

      I’ve become very particular with boots in specific. Heels (for me) are a short term wear item — but boots? I can end up living in them depending upon the day. 🙂


  5. Mel Douleur says:

    I like your choice, but the Rag & Bone Harrow are my favorite. My favorite black booties look very similar.

    I’d like a pair of those Dancer wedge booties… CUTE!


  6. zaychishka says:

    Ah the black boot quest is one of the toughest feats.
    I had this pair from Miss Sixty (they were ankle boots, and looked nice) But they too became my feets own personal hell.
    And this year I managed to get equestrian styled ones…they were costly but worth it for my feet are very happy in them.
    It’s good you were able to sell those boots on ebay!


    • dievca says:

      You know I had a pair of shoes from Miss Sixty and they just didn’t fit me as well — I think I am between sizes in that brand (Yep, I sold those on eBay, too). I am all for spending a great deal of money on an excellent pair of shoes, they can last you a life time. The equestrian style is a Classic — I’ll bet those boots are beautiful. 😉


      • zaychishka says:

        Hahah that is a funny coincidence maybe I’ll have to sell mine on ebay then! For me they fit well but they weren’t meant for walking a big waste there. & I believe that too, some things are worth spending on especially when it comes to your feet!

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  7. BoPeep says:

    I’m in R and B knock offs now, but prefer a pointier toe and thinner heel. Anything that has “chunky” in it’s description I tend to avoid. I do love your final choice though!

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  8. hispetitelle says:

    Love all your choices. I have a similar shaped pair, but they hurt my feet after a couple of hours.


  9. That was some serious research! Love the final choice.. that extra bit of crackle! I’d be very interested for you to try on Claires boots..I have found them revolutionary.. xxx


  10. Hello, I just bought the black distressed leather Acne Pistol boots from YOOX, and I wanted to ask how they wore for you? My Chestnut pair look like new and they must be 3- 4 years old now. It amazes me because I am not even particularly careful with them and they have been my favorite boots for many seasons. Even the bottoms still look good. I am with you on the quest for black boots. I bought three pair this season. I will baby the new Acne boots if you say that finish is fragile. It looks fragile to my eye. I even wondered if I should have them treated. Back in the day I used to treat all my shoes before I wore them and they would last longer, if I remembered to do it before I wore them. Any advice would be appreciated. They are gorgeous boots.

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    • dievca says:

      Hi, Thank You for stopping by! I have only worn the Acne black crackled boots about 3 times, so I don’t know if they are “tender” or not. I did not treat the boots. We will have to learn together. 🙂
      (I have a tendency to wear my motorcycle boots when the weather turns a bit ugly.)


      • I have a pair of tall Coach riding boots ( 5 years old) that have been my bad weather boots, but I just bought a pair of Aquatalia quilted black leather/suede motorcycle boots that are supposedly waterproof. I also inexplicably bought (kept and wore) a pair of short black western styled Fermani boots too. When I found the Black Pistols I thought for sure I would return the Fermani but when they came I couldn’t part with them. They fit loose at the ankle rather than fitted like the Pistols and they are most wonderful smooth, black leather and they are so comfortable. I wore them in the rain yesterday and they performed beautifully. In my defense I was low on sensible black boots and I got great deals on all three pair. I haven’t even opened the Aqualtalia either. I might not keep them but then again I might because I don’t even own a pair of motorcycle boots right now. Thank you! I guess we will have to “learn” together but I do think I will pretreat the Pistols for the spill or bad weather that I don’t see coming. Thanks again, Kathy 🙂

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