If you have the time, the pleasure and a dresser

dievca enjoys the look of latex for presenting to Master.

Atsuko Kudo Dressing for Pleasure

But, she knows the challenges of dressing herself in rubber — the conditioning, the careful stretching, the smoothing, the adjusting and the pitfalls.

Atsuko Kudo designs and manufactures a full range of ladies wear exclusively in latex rubber.

They have dressed numerous performers and people of interest.

Here the people at SHOWstudio have produced an 11 minute edit of the 4 hour Atsuko Kudo ‘Dressing For Pleasure’ film.

Atsuko Kudo at SHOWstudio: Dressing For Pleasure

If you have the 11 minutes, this version gives a more direct route through the stages of dressing model Viktorija from nudity through to a complete AK look.

Watching latex dress with assistance made dievca wish she had a dresser. Between the corsets, the stockings, the latex — dressing would be much easier and more soothing. 

The intentionally languid pace of the original stream was designed to be viewed partly as a contemplative still life and partly as a meditation on latex, fetish fashion and anything else that occurred during the event.

Atsuko Kudo Dressing for Pleasure close up

Hair: Eamonn Hughes

Make-Up: Isamaya Ffrench

Nails: Tara Templeton

11 Comments on “If you have the time, the pleasure and a dresser”

  1. Esther F. Gorden says:

    fascinating…i would have done this when i was younger. now maybe one or two pieces.


  2. where.do.you.find.such.inspirational.instructional.pieces…i like your mind, d. very.much.


  3. Pelelotus says:

    Those cat ears are so cool. Just wear them out and about, even when one is not in ‘presentation’ mode. X


  4. It looks so much less glamorous, the process doesn’t it? I couldn’t even reach the end… Dresser or not, I wouldn’t have the patience!


  5. hispetitelle says:

    I think all I could do is a latex corset and definitely the gloves. Coach was spoiled by dressers when he used to do bridal runway 😉


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