Photo: dievca – Chelsea Market 2014: Time

Life is ever-evolving. D/s is ever-evolving. For us, nothing worth doing is stagnant.

dievca has learned this from Master.

Master doesn’t talk about His former submissives too often, but He did mention that some people had a need to be treated a certain way for a scene or time together to be considered successful. The same process over and over, exactly. He decided that wasn’t what made Him happy.

Yes, there needs to be consistency. Both parties need to know a process and have to be able to depend upon/Trust each other. But, taking the time to be different, change-up the delivery, grow, learn and add diversity has its value, too.

dievca hasn’t said “My Master requires Diversity”, as much. It still exists, that tenet hasn’t changed from Day One.  It still is a guideline when life is running fast and furious, or messy.  It is still this dievca’s driving force.   The diverse offerings can be small, silly, a gift, an attitude, or large, creative, encompassing — it just depends upon how Life is running in that moment.

The attempt of Diversity brings such a response from Master (and dievca) — it is an integral part of their D/s dynamic.

Could this tenet be applied to Life, in general?

As dievca has cared for Elderly Family members in their final phases of Life, she has seen them: function, not function, be joyful, be morose, work through pain, find their way to pass, etc.  she has noticed that the ones who have attempted to live fully, travel, have experiences, be open to young people, accepting to change, live in the present are Happier. The ones who sat on the sofa for 30 years, always talking of the past, tend to be critical and have gained no joy from their life.

Master has given dievca the gift of Diversity.

dievca now has an awareness of how to live her life in a positive way. An awareness that one must LIVE life fully and be in the present. Embrace openness, grow, learn, BE DIVERSE.

dievca holds the knowledge of how to finish her Life with Joy.

What an amazing Gift.

8 Comments on “Diversity”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    A wonderful realisation, appreciate the good times as they could be over tomorrow x

  2. esther says:

    nothing stays still…there is change in every moment, whether seen to the eye or not, it is there. you are not the same dievca, nor will tomorrow’s girl be the same as today’s. it’s a very good thing. xxx

    • dievca says:

      Yes, we do change – but I want to make sure that I am positive and open to change…not resistant and wishing for the “good old days”. Today is the good day. 🙂

  3. hispetitelle says:

    Stagnation is slow death. My FIL sat in his chair for years just watching TV and hating life. We watched him deteriorate and he only briefly acknowledged the life around him. His only grandchildren gave him only temporary joy, but his resentments and his past pushed them away. That is no way to live. All of life has to be accepted, embraced, and allowed to give us all its pain and glory. We must run to experiences and situations that draw us out of the shells we retreat to.

    Your gift of diversity is a precious one.

    • dievca says:

      It is so painful to watch family members that cannot accept the joy of life. Just painful. I am sorry that you all had to experience that – but it does prompt thinking people to changing their outlook, right?

      I agree, I have been giving a precious outlook for the future.


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