Cristina Sabaiduc – tied with elegance

cristina-sabaiduc-scarf-white-polka-dots Cristina_Sabaiduc_AW14_Scarf_Dark_Purple_Polka_Dots_1024x1024This light silk twill scarf in Dark Purple Polka Dot print, is a signature piece by Cristina Sabaiduc created in collaboration with artistic photographer Jo Holland. This season they worked with mundane household liquids, like balsamic vinegar, wine, cleaners and soaps, frozen in a moment of time. The scarf is held together by the magnetic detailing on the diagonal points and can be wrapped twice or three times around. This print comes in two colour options: Light Grey and Dark Purple Polka Dot and in both the small and large rectangle size.

Cristina_Sabaiduc_AW14_Scarf_Dark_Purple_Polka_Dots_close up cristina-sabaiduc-scarf-white-polka-dots-2

Inspired by the coexistence of natural and industrial elements in our environment, Cristina Sabaiduc combines feminine silhouettes and innovative textiles to create her eponymous womenswear label. The juxtaposition of materials in her collections has developed into an exploration of dualities—a visual commentary on relationships between a garment, its wearer, and the external world.

The landscapes of the countries Cristina grew up in—Romania, Switzerland, and Canada—continue to influence the designer. Her use of layers, organic colours, and mix of natural and technical fabrics create versatile and conceptual, yet wearable garments. Drawing inspiration from some of nature’s most unexpected sources of beauty—moulding beetroots, crystallized feathers, the Salina Turda salt mines of Transylvania—Cristina also creates exclusive digital prints.

Cristina completed a Bachelor of Design at Toronto’s Ryerson University and was recognized with the Lancôme Scholarship of Excellence in Women’s Luxury Design. During her studies, she worked on creative projects under the name Romandin. The collections were showcased in an arts festival in Toronto, and have since been displayed in galleries in London. These earlier projects cemented Cristina’s trademark use of magnets to create customizable pieces, now a signature element in her designs.

After working in Toronto, New York, and Paris, including an internship at Carolina Herrera and a position assisting Jeremy Laing, Cristina settled in London and launched CRISTINA SABAIDUC with a S/S 2012 presentation as part of London’s ‘Off-Schedule’ fashion week, an initiative supported by the British Fashion Council. She has since earned praise for her unconventional presentations, which have included a 3D film screening and a gallery exhibit-turned-catwalk show.

8 Comments on “Cristina Sabaiduc – tied with elegance”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    Polka dots. Enough said x


    • dievca says:

      Very true. I’m always curious or interested in someone’s/a brand’s background…and it is information that can be ignored unless you are interested, too. 🙂


  2. esther says:

    it’s funny…i like polka dots, but they just don’t look right on me. i bought two cute cardigans from Boden a year ago, and blech! 😦


    • dievca says:

      It seems like not too many people like my polka dots today. 🙂
      So be it, I do like them and some of the other scarves this lady designs.
      I find Boden to be very ladylike and preppy, not quite me, either. XO


  3. hispetitelle says:

    Just the right amount of polka dots for me. Perfect in an accessory.


  4. Love polka dots. Cute scarf


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