in need

Photo: Rueters Tidal Surge in Britain triggers Code Red in Netherlands

Photo: Reuters
Tidal Surge in Britain triggers Code Red in Netherlands

a day from Hell commences

knowing, being prepared
doesn’t hold back the tide

standing alone, it begins
but three check-in

two disappear for hours
one stands firm

the second returns
one stands firm

the third
the one to hold back the tide

disappears into self

is that self-absorbed or selfish? does it matter?

15 Comments on “in need”

  1. EarthSprout says:

    To go within is never selfish. The Tide can be held by all. It is selfish for the two to expect the 3rd to hold the Tide for them… life. The never ending “The Little Red Hen” story.

    • dievca says:

      No, one stood by me fully, the second checked in to help me out. The third disappeared after I requested help — too involved in their own life to stop and realize that I never ask unless I am really in need. I needed the three to get through and I paid/am paying the price for it.

      • EarthSprout says:

        Ok that sucks. I do hope it’s brought new learnings to you and you’ve become stronger out of it.

      • dievca says:

        Let’s just say that I am re-evaluating the criteria from which I define a friend vs. an acquaintance. We may not be on the same page. Mind you, what I asked for was minimal but necessary for plowing through.

  2. Friend v. acquaintance….always a revelation….vulnerability in asking for help is hard enough, but it isn’t really about you at all…if they cannot Give what you need, it is about them…their baggage, their abilities, their inabilities… perhaps it wasn’t a rejection of you as much as it was a reflection of their strength…and maybe you need to surround yourself with reliable strength and so you let them go to that other category…nothing wrong with that. THAT choice is about you…Stand Tall- you knew what you wanted, you asked for it. Not much you can do beyond that. ((Hugs))

    • dievca says:

      I think you are correct — it wasn’t intended directly. They were all enrapt in self and didn’t look outside themselves to follow through with my very sincere and direct appeal. I would have been better served to chose someone who understood my need and would be dependable.
      I chose them because I have been there for this person, so I felt that I had a right to ask.
      Now, I know.

  3. jackiemallon says:

    Not really “Like” but you know what I mean. Hope whoever was there at the time was just enough to get you through and now that you’re out the other end, feel free to let off steam with a tidal wave of…”YOU SUCK!”

    • dievca says:

      No worries, I just had to get it out and I’m sure other people have gotten stuck in similar situations. I guess that I need to remember that different people view commitment in different ways than me. I am grateful for the two supporters I did have~

  4. hispetitelle says:

    I hope you got through everything. I never ask either unless I’m really in trouble. I just grin and bear it usually. Are you OK?


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