Robert NYC – a place to celebrate with a view.

Master was nominated for an important Prize — sadly, He didn’t win.
Still, the nomination was such an honor it warranted a celebration in style.

Museum-of-Arts-and-Design3 robert-at-mad-nyc-s-museum-of-arts-and-design-opens-new-resturant-large5Master chose to reserve a window seat at Robert NYC, located on the top floor of the Museum of Arts & Design. The restaurant has a spectacular view of Columbus Circle and the SW entry to Central Park.010910RobertZM14.jpg

Master and dievca were tucked into a private corner with windows on two sides, effectively creating a small personal cocoon, cut-off from other diners. A true treat in NYC, where privacy is at a premium.

robert menuThe menu offered American Fare. Master decided to order a salad and four “to share” plates for Himself and dievca. He accompanied the food with an excellent bottle of white wine.

dievca did her best to look elegant for Master – she’s a bit out of practice with the weather being so cold. dievca wore a Yoana Baraschi rust-colored pleated silk dress. More comfortable than cutting edge, she stood out in a sea of diners with black tailored looks. Plus, dievca knows that Master loves to see His submissive in a feminine/ladylike dress.

dievca completed the look with black Manolo Blahnik heels, Master’s Giles & Brother gold collar, gold cuff, black silk/beaded vintage clutch, tan Max Mara cashmere/ wool coat. Hair – wild curly with the front pulled back, heavier grey smoky eyes, lighter blush and neutral lips, nude buffed nails.

20150202_132334_resized 20150202_132400_resizedmanolo-blahnik-classic-black-pumps-profilegiles-brother-shopbopcom-necklaces-archer-necklace

18K Gold Plated Cuff

beaded clutch black

Master was handsome in His black cashmere top coat from Barneys. Then clean and crisp in His sportcoat and tie. Perfect for Robert NYC (and an excellent backdrop for His dievca – XO).

Now, Master may not have won the award — but the celebration was worthy for a job well-done.
Robert NYC is an amazing place and offers a spectacular view of NYC.



12 Comments on “Robert NYC – a place to celebrate with a view.”

  1. Pelelotus says:

    What a lovely evening, in addition to a chic red dress and fab shoes. A fine choice.

    • dievca says:

      Thank you. With worrying about family issues andit being winter (in other words…being a blob), I was feeling a bit larger — this dress is forgiving. It was a very lovely evening.

  2. May I extend my congratulations for His nomination and a nod to you dievca for your winning company and true admiration. Muah- Ret

  3. Anami Blog says:

    What a wonderful outfit, the dress is perfect, and that cuff is so fab, too! Congrats on Master’s nomination. Did the celebration continue at home?….
    Anami, xx

  4. esther says:

    wow, what a night! sorry Master didn’t win…or did He? 😉

  5. zaychishka says:

    Lovely the dress has a Grecian vibe to it.. Very elegant, I can imagine how it can warm ones skin with the amazing colour . And congratulations for your master, it is definitely an honor to be a part of the celebration, and his nomination !!

  6. hispetitelle says:

    He took top prize! He had the lovely and elegant dievca on his arm. Perfect outfit and what a perfect restaurant. Congratulations on your Master’s nomination. I’m sure you were just beaming with pride and I bet that feeling was mutual.


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